January holidays - the perfect time for the sales!
 As is known, the main time of seasonal sales of high-quality brands are considered to be the months of July and January. Clothing, shoes, all kinds of accessories are supplied to customers with a discount of 15 to 50%, and sometimes more! But January is around the corner! Do not miss your moment!

Time SALE!

January opens the season of winter sales in Europe. Of course, by itself, the concept of «sale» has nice hearing the lovely ladies. But here we must be careful! On the sales period the golden rule - at the beginning of the month, prices fell by 15-30%, in the middle of this boundary reaches 50% by the end of the month to have equal numbers of 70-80%.

Can not be choosers!

If some boutiques and shops and make sales and discounts on certain items, the British stores are characterized by their promiscuity. Although buyers but rather a plus than a minus. Because during the January sales Englishmen and many tourists buy almost everything they see on the way. Starting from simple souvenirs and ending with appliances and furniture.

The best places to shop in London - trading house Harrods, Selfridges, shopping on Oxford Street, quarter Covent Garden, you should not get round, and Notting Hill. So, if you want to buy everything at once: textiles, cutlery, electrical appliances and household chemicals, clothing for yourself and your home, porcelain and glass - then you direct route to England!

All new season look here!

 January holidays - the perfect time for the sales!
   Later sales season begins in the UAE. Dubai Shopping Festival is held from mid-January to mid-February, but every year the exact timing of its move. Therefore, if you are planning on shopping in the UAE, it is best to specify this information in advance from the tour operators and hotel staff, they have this information, as a rule, possess. Shopping Festival is international and is enshrined in the single register of festivals and cultural life of the UAE, as well as Ramadan.

In this season of UAE door open for those who want to purchase watches, electronic goods, gold jewelry, clothes of different brands and marks, spices and handmade carpets. And do not forget about the arrival of Duty Free, in the United Arab Emirates, he is truly divine, from chocolate Cadbury, stopping to look stylish dairy a jacuzzi and ending luxury car brand Lexus.

Fashion and sales - things compatible!

Where there are shops on every street, and trendy boutiques are more common than litter bins? Of course, in Paris!

As guidance in this big world of fashion for you can serve Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and Printemps Haussmann. And of course do not forget about the town boutique La Vallee Vilage, it is located just 40 minutes from Paris, where at very attractive prices are more than 100 prestigious French and international brands! After shopping in France - it's a pleasure and a lesson for the day, for both men and women. Individual consultant in the fashion world, a glass of champagne and a delicate dessert of your software. What else might be looking for a good shopping?

If the coat, it is only from Greece!

About Greek coats heard almost every third tourist visiting the country each year. But that's about season discounts and sales in Greece, unfortunately, not many people know.

Main season discounts in the country of the gods comes from mid-January to the end of February. The main place of gathering all the newfangled trends and luxury shops are considered to Athens (the largest shopping center - The Mall.). Exclusive clothes, elegantly dressed fabric, a variety of fur and leather, the classic brand of jeans and a well-known line of cosmetics and perfumes - are presented here in full!

Temperamental shopping

 January holidays - the perfect time for the sales!
   Season discounts and sales has not bypassed and Italy. Grandiose allow discounts to buy luxury goods and branded brands at ridiculous prices. But in order not to miss this feast of soul and wallet worth careful approach to planning your shopping tour on New Year's Italy. From January 4 to March 20, the season of sales visits Naples and Abruzzo. From 7 January to the end of February carnival sale raging in Venice. Also, from 7 January until early March sell-off, you can catch in Milan, Bologna and Florence. January 13 discount season opens its doors in Rome.

As is well known, the Italians - very temperamental people, is fully manifested and shopping. Men and women are completely lose their composure and control, so take care of their wallets and feet!

What to bring from Italy? All kinds of accessories, jewelry, handbags, belts and shoes. Also pay attention to cooking utensils and furnishings.

Like it or not, and in January - most of the time Winter Sale! Therefore, if you are going to come back to Europe, do not be lazy to go to a couple of shopping malls and chain stores. Although, if you deliberately go shopping, then organized shopping tours abroad, offered the largest tour operators, created just for you. Look for them more closely! The main thing is being in an expensive boutique or a cozy shop with household goods, do not lose your head and wallet!
Author: Valentina Syrenkova