My husband - he is a lover
 Remember, Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, he was not handsome, but terribly seductive man in his life had, according to his biographers, a thousand lovers. French Louis XV, better known as "wonderful" and "Beloved" was handsome and stately, the tenth child after birth favorites changed very often, as well, and many of his reigning predecessors. They were great lovers, whose names became common a century later.

Times are changing, but the basic idea of ​​the perfect lover of women changed very little. What is he a skilled lover?

- Delaying the onset of his own orgasm to reach the climax of pleasure together with a partner.
- Knows which of the sexual fantasies excites her friend more than anything.
- Does in bed all of the Whatever girlfriend asked.
- Engaging in love with a woman, he never misses an opportunity to tell her that he loves her and she is gorgeous.
- Often kissing his girlfriend in public places, do not hesitate to feelings.
- Is pleased to provide the woman in bed the position of leader, if it so wishes.
- He knows what it takes to raise a girlfriend to an incredible orgasm.
- Take care that the woman does not become pregnant against their will, and goes to bed washed, groomed and neat.
- After sexual intercourse reveals its tenderness and gratitude.

Now tell me, who believes her husband's perfect lover? If there are any, be happy and can stop reading this article because you are a rare lucky. According to analysts, these men are born one thousand ten.

As for the rest, let's see. A year, maybe five after the wedding, you are quite satisfied sexual relations that prevailed in your family life. But something began to change, and sexual life has become monotonous, boring. In general, what are some eagerly awaited, and that made it an unforgettable experience, has become a mere fulfillment of conjugal duties. Most often appear indifferent to carnal pleasures. To maintain healthy family relationships, victims of elemental life, it is necessary to take a step forward. And for this it is important that I am not a partner, and you together.

Psychoanalysts say that in every man live and Casanova and Don Juan, in the best appearances. It's just us women, these characters need to awaken our husbands.

How to turn your beloved husband in a perfect lover?

- At first , Focusing on the improvement of your sexual relations. It is not necessary to change drastically settled on a new, or your man can get scared and run away to another, or become impotent.

 My husband - he is a lover
   - Secondly , Throw off the husk off the past years. Remember what you once attracted to this man. For that you loved him and married him. You are moved by the simplest things: he wrinkles his nose when sneezing or how awkward he was doing you a compliment. Forget about the scientific attitude to the crisis of the third, tenth, seventies, living together. Be the one who you were for it during your novel. Well, in the end, and you will become for him an ideal lover.

- Third During sex only think about sex, not that you forget to pat his shirt or turn off the TV. Otherwise, you yourself kill all his excitement still in its infancy. If a woman does not focus all your thoughts on the act of love during thereof, then the man would like to do with you. Rather, he would do everything in a hurry in order to satisfy their hunger, and without affecting your feelings.

- Fourthly Avoid routine in relations .  I can confidently say that the work in the intimate life works wonders .  No wonder sexologists recommend periodically play "in adults' games .  Role playing in bed not only improve the duration of the act, but also the quality .  While there should not be too far, but better to start with a simple - "Today I - tomorrow you" .  One day you will make every effort in order to make an unforgettable night of love, the other is to be him .  Similar experiments awaken in men the sexual imagination and creative attitude .  Then, when the game will be forgotten, a desire to diversify sex life will remain at the level of unconscious impulses .  I once suggested to her husband evening "closed eyes" .  Before starting Preludes I blindfolded silk scarf, which he did not have to shoot to the very end .  He enjoyed the experience so much that he told me it was for a long time to be grateful .  Of course, we are still young, but believe me, in the beginning of marital relationship is put to the future relations of the intimate family relationships .  If there is some mystery and interest now, the memory of it will not give you the possibility of immersion in sexual spleen .

 My husband - he is a lover

- Fifthly , There are rules that are never under any circumstances can not be broken in communion with the beloved:
  • Do not criticize his sexual performance in comparison with someone else.
• Do not punish him for some offense refusal in the vicinity.
• Do not accuse him of that experience dissatisfaction.

Violation will now points to the fact that your sex life will come to naught, however, it is likely that a family too.

Of course, sex does not play a major role in life, but do not forget that it takes not the last place.

Good luck!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova