Tell us about your Formula Transfiguration and win a great set of amazing makeup!
 Female beauty portal MyCharm and St. Petersburg cosmetics company CBW when the RAS "VITA" announce the beginning of an amazing competition! And we have named it "My Formula Transfiguration" by the name of one of the cosmetic collections, which lets the company.

Tell us about your Formula Transfiguration and win one of 15 sets of enchanting beauty!

Do you have a secret transformation? Maybe it means express or homemade aromatherapy bath? Perhaps you had an experience that has transformed and changed your way of a lifetime? This also happens. You can write a few lines, and can show their literary talent and, by publishing a short essay. All entries can be provided with photographs. Lovely ladies! Share with us your most intimate secrets of transformation, and you could win an amazing and highly desired prizes from St. Petersburg cosmetics company.

To participate in the competition, you need to go to our forum to a page where there is a competition, create and send your message. And if you have not yet decided to participate - just go and read the materials of the competition - it promises to be very interesting!

The contest runs from February 1 until March 1, 2010. Summary and announcement of winners - March 5. Detailed contest rules, see below

And now for the prizes. St. Petersburg cosmetics company CBW when the RAS "VITA" offers prizes to winners of fifteen beautiful.

For the 1st place in the contest participant will receive a set of:

 Tell us about your Formula Transfiguration and win a great set of amazing makeup!

1. Moisturizer (universal remedy for all skin types).
2. Tone cream (light tan - natural color is moderate, suitable for almost everyone).
3. Eye Cream.
4. Tightening cream (for women 30 years and in premature aging and earlier).
5. Cosmetic cream
6. Foam wash (light air-cleansing agent for all skin types, including sensitive).
7. Mascara with anti-inflammatory agents.

Two participants, who took 2nd place Will receive the following sets:

 Tell us about your Formula Transfiguration and win a great set of amazing makeup!

1. The gel-scrub shower (with essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang - deep cleaning and aromatherapy).
2. Hand Cream (emollient cream with anti-inflammatory additives, effective prevention and skin protection from the occurrence of viral lesions of the skin and aging).
3. Gel nails (nail strengthening gel with extracts of tamarind, horsetail, kelp and essential oils of mint and lavender).
4. Foot Cream (cream for tired feet with Neovitinom®, Betulavitom®, camphor and menthol).
5. Strengthening Shampoo.
6. Balm conditioner for hair.

AND 12 participants took third place Will receive a beautiful gift set in packaging: cosmetic cream, cream-peeling, foaming cleanser with green tea.

 Tell us about your Formula Transfiguration and win a great set of amazing makeup!

Ladies! Meet the detailed rules of the contest and participate!

1. Participation in the competition is conducted free of charge, age and professional restrictions are not allowed.

2. The competition can take part, anyone resident of Russia, delivery of prizes is carried out only on the territory of Russia. Residents of the CIS and other countries may participate on the condition that the award will receive their representatives from Russia.

3. To participate in the contest, post a note on the topic "My formula of transformation" in a special open forum thread, the volume of notes is not limited. Have photos - at the discretion of the author. The number of entries per author is not limited, but among the winners author may enter only once.

4. Entries for the competition are accepted from 1 February 2010 to 1 March 2010 inclusive. The works sent after the end of the contest will not be considered. The results will be summarized and published online March 5, 2010.

5. The winners will be determined by the editorial staff and representatives of the St. Petersburg cosmetics company CBW when the RAS "VITA".

6. In total there are 15 prizes, one of them - for the first two - for the second and 12 for third.

7. Prizes are not exchanged, and in monetary terms are not issued.

Come into our forum, where the competition - p = 31040 # 31040

Brief information about the manufacturer.   Products St. Petersburg cosmetics company CBW when the RAS "VITA" - it's always a harmonious combination of scientific and commercial activity, which allowed the team of the company to become one of the leaders of the cosmetics industry in Russia.

Fifteen years ago, one of the first in Russia to produce antioxidant cosmetics, therapeutic and prophylactic products for oral care, biologically active food supplements, using the results of their own research. One of the most important - the invention of the original technology of isolation powerful antioxidant complex (Neovitin®) of cultivated ginseng biomass. Clinically proven anti-radical, anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect Neovitina® successfully used in cosmetics, slowing down the natural aging and hygiene products for oral care and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the periodontal tissues.

Today, the scientific baggage of more than 50 patents for inventions in the field of medicine and cosmetology. Competence specialists confirm gold medals RANS "For the practical contribution to strengthening health of the nation", the European Commission for the academic awards "For merits in the field of Preventive and Social Medicine", winning national competitions and programs conducted by the Russian Perfume and Cosmetics Association.

The company continues to develop and introduce new technologies in the production of biologically active ingredients for cosmetics and dietary supplements (Betulavit®, bioflavolipidny complex Aktivitin, bioantioksidantny complex polyscias); approves innovative ingredients of the European cosmetics market, expanding the range, improving packaging design.
Author: Julia Gnedina