The beauty and style of Jennifer Lopez. Part 2
 The famous woman of the beauty, cosmetics and their own way of life.

There is something that can make you go for plastic surgery?

JL .:   The unprofitable time, no. I appreciate, first of all, natural beauty. Maybe after 50, I think about what I want is not ideal and something in itself to change. Now, I'm pleased with myself.

Actresses are always afraid of losing popularity and become unpopular in Hollywood, how you look at it?

JL .: This is natural, because you work all your life, you are on a wave of fame, and then gradually lost sight of. In my opinion, it's frustrating, but I understand that there's no getting around it. I hope, however, that this will be a new stage in my life, dedicated to something new that will not allow me to relax and get upset.

For some reason you began to produce his own line of clothing and perfume?

JL .: In part, this stems from the previous answer. That's what I said before - I want to have multiple business strktur that will allow me to grow in the future to engage in completely new ideas.

What do you do to relax?

JL .: I love SPA-procedures, massage, facial and body treatments. I also like to dance and bask in the sun. I love Miami, I try to get out there when there is free time.

What led you to make yourself a manicure, make-up?

JL .: You see, I'm a very busy man, so I do not have time to look after themselves on their own. However, like any other girl, eager to look good, so the make-up and manicure I need for a good mood.

What do you think, why you sometimes called a diva?

JL .: Maybe because I have a great car and I adore chic fur ?!

You - a fanatic of clothing? How is it shown?

JL .: I keep everything you get. My cupboards are full of amount of clothing, but I did not throw.

Tell us about one of the most ill-advised acts related to appearance?

JL .: I do not make rash decisions often, but sometimes it happens. For example, I cut the hair and to gain for them of $ 600, while I did not have enough money, so it really helped. Her hair was not too long, because not particularly worried and did not regret.

What can you say about the beauty of the girls?

JL .: Beauty - it's not just good looks. It comes from the depths of the soul. However, in my opinion, it is often the appearance reflects the inner world of man.

What is sexuality?

JL .: Some believe that the large breasts, a wonderful priest and no cellulite - that is sexy. In fact it is not so sexy - is energy that comes from the man. Take a few girls on the beach and make sure that sexuality does not depend on the shape and appearance, though it is also very important.

Do you think that brought in a new concept of the Hollywood beauty?

JL .: At least, I hope so. Everyone in their own unique and beautiful!