The secret truth about men. Part 3: Fear
 Fear - is what drives the male behavior. Men are afraid to find other their fears and their complexes. All of you, dear readers, probably more than once observed, a picture of where the older kids bullied and humiliated younger (definitely trying thereby to assert themselves at the expense of others).

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None adult male will not openly talk about what violence and what a shame he suffered as a child. But these injuries will carry a man through life. Someone withdraws into himself and becomes unsociable, someone on the contrary giperkompensiruet is wearing a mask macho. They receive a good salary, to build houses and buy expensive cars, others are just trying to be like everyone else. But neither one nor the other is not satisfied with the status quo, because they are constantly in fear of detection of other complexes. They are afraid to discover a shame then to others, that the other is not ashamed of them again and again. They are silent, the purpose of which is to suppress their true emotions.

The fact that every man secretly in himself feels attracted to him and frightening at the same time. A rare man ready with the responsibility to ask ourselves questions that all life waiting for answers. A man capable to stand face to face with his injuries and psychological problems, the person who really comes to healing from the tyranny of Saturn, under which all men.

But men deeper installation does not allow himself to feel fear than women. We can not afford a lot to be afraid of, because we are not alone and we are more emotionally honest with ourselves. Men are afraid of the power of the parent complex and tend to deliver any pleasure to women, or to rule over them. Men are afraid of other men, as in relations with them have to assume the role of competitive; another man is not perceived as a brother, as well as the enemy. Men are afraid because they know that the world is huge, dangerous and unknowable. Internally, they feel like children, and the ship on which they are forwarded through the dark and stormy sea, is very unreliable.

Men can firmly shake hands and hug when they met, they can cry with happiness. But they can not fully open to friends, for fear to see in them a reflection of its archetypal. Therefore, we argue that the friendship between men is superficial, because first of all they are competitors. And it scares them too.

Of course, men commit incredible thing: they jump into the unknown, they make new discoveries, they are more likely than women to become geniuses, but at the same time each of them is afraid that he is not a real man, and ashamed of it. His shame is manifested as overcompensation he ostentatiously throw dust in the eyes, or intimidate others, or silently avoids the tasks set before them life. Men are internally very lonely and they try in their environment to see who could fill that void. But if a man is not ready to be open, first of all with himself, he can not heal your soul and determine your path. He is and will be, like an actor, to perform sex-role-playing social games, which invented and adopted society.

Such therapy is unlikely to take place successfully in the collective treatment, but she will win this fight if any man will make a step forward Statement .  Every man has to take the risk and tell the truth, their individual truth, because it is true for many other .  A Chinese proverb says, "He who speaks the truth, will be heard thousands of miles away" .  To the men stopped to lie and engage in a conspiracy of silence, they have to take a chance to show their pain .  Other men instinctively rush them or shame them will be suspended because of their own fear .  But the time will come when all will come with gratitude to those who have expressed aloud his truth .  Remember the biblical prophets .  None of them was not taken seriously, and they died at the hands of public opinion .  And they died because their truth is the truth of all that everyone tried not to let out .  But this truth through the time came to other generations and has been unconditionally accepted . 

One of the biblical commandment says, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." And our man himself, though, and love, but it is a tragedy, rather than its recognition of his inferiority.

Often we do not see all the above described in our loved ones, and even when we do not understand and that somehow went wrong. But know that the impetus for healing has occurred, and probably in a few generations, the men learn to be themselves, and not the social machine, as well as a few women did before.

And finally, I want to appeal to mothers who have sons. My dear lady, how could you not love your child, let him go on my own time, possibly indicating the true and his father is the direction where the son has to find himself.

Thank you for attention.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova