We save on cosmetics. Part 3: Saving the budget
 So, we've figured out whether you are ready to rethink their spending on cosmetics, and analyzed the position, which is not worth saving. It's time to talk on what still can be saved, "eleven" thousand rubles a year.


If your skin is not the most capricious exceptions (constant dryness, redness, and other serious problems), it is quite possible to save on the cleaning agent. As we know, cleanser and makeup remover is applied to the face for a couple of minutes. During this time, the components do not have time to soak, because then simply rinsed off with water. That is why beauticians believe that spending money on an expensive lotion is not necessary.

Lip gloss

Practice shows that the resistance lip gloss does not affect the price or brand. It's not lipstick, which is significantly denser consistency. And because you can pick up shine much cheaper than the lipstick. In any case, lip glosses dried, so we advise you to get a parallel balm or lipstick hygienic quality.


 We save on cosmetics. Part 3: Saving the budget
   Beauticians suggest that significant resources "cosmetic budget" you can save on a pencil. Rumor has it that the producers of pencils for lips, eyes and eyebrows in the world of one-two and miscalculated, and more expensive, and cheaper pencils go with containers of the same companies. The big difference between them - the main thing to choose the desired texture.

Body care

 We save on cosmetics. Part 3: Saving the budget
   It is not necessary to pay fabulous sums of gels for the soul, which so quickly spent. Pay attention to the fact that the product PH-neutral - this is important for the health and sufficient moisture to your skin.

You can save and scrubs, and body creams. Any difference between the products more expensive and less expensive lines there.

Anti-Cellulite means

If you've ever used a means for correction, you probably know that their effect is felt only during application. As soon as you put the tubes on the top shelf for a while and forget about them, everything returns to normal.

Experts emphasize that the main ingredient in anti-cellulite cream is collagen. Therefore, choosing a means of economic line, read the composition. If the collagen is, and the more so if he takes one of the first positions in the list of components (which means its higher concentration), take - can not go wrong.

Against UV

If you think that the reliability of the filter depends on the cost of the cream, the deeply mistaken. The main thing that determines the degree of protection - a SPF. The conventional wisdom is that, ideally, we should have two sunscreens - one with an SPF of at least 25 that protects the skin during the first hot days, another - with an SPF of 10 or 15 to continue tanning. However, you can well do first. Find affordable cream with an SPF of 25 will not be difficult - it will not empty your wallet to the bottom.

Nail polishes

If the difference between cheap varnish and the product at an average price is quite noticeable (the first begins slazit by the evening), then, alas, the difference between "average" and expensive paint you can not see. The famous Sally Hansen, Orly and OPI has done with the objective to hold the nails for about a week. Well, longer, perhaps, is not necessary. In the end, the same color get bored.

 We save on cosmetics. Part 3: Saving the budget


The main requirement for deodorant - is the lack of stains on clothes. "White mistakes" do not allow many facilities at a very affordable price. So the extra spending is really useless.

Finally I want to draw your attention to the fact that in our conversation about the cheaper cosmetics are not completely dealt with the "penny" products. Everything because there is a limit - even save!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya