What is needed every mom
 With the birth of the baby world every mom becomes different - her new life is not like the old. New joys, worries, feelings. All this requires new knowledge and support responses to many different questions. The question that began to arise even during pregnancy planning and a stream that never dries up. Welcome to the newly mothers crowd. Time to get a "passport" in the social network for parents' country moms. "

"Home Moms" - is a universal resource that will be your faithful friend and helper at all stages of a new page of your life - in preparation for conception, during pregnancy and after the birth of the child. You will find online answers to questions related to the care and upbringing of the kid of any age. Your child will grow up with thousands of other moms from around the world.

What is "Home Moms" offers future moms and held?

First of all, it is convenient to use a pregnancy calendar that will tell and will tell you how your baby is developing over 40 weeks of pregnancy. After pregnancy - is an important and difficult period, during which it is important to eat right, watch weight, to comply with the doctor's recommendations, as well as to enjoy the changes that occur with the mother and the baby.

Free online consultation of experienced professionals - a key to solving many problems and painful questions. The possibility to appeal to the independent expert - the key to your peace of mind and timely response to any changes.

Who does not like other moms are able to support a woman during the time of pregnancy? "Home Moms" - a positive communication opportunities with other moms. Within seconds you can find the mothers of their region, and to make friends with their parents from all over the world.

Registration in the social network "Home Moms" also allows you to:

- Create and join interest groups, which are united by themes;
- To read and write interesting articles in numerous sections of the site - "Pregnancy", "Breastfeeding", "All about childbirth", "Health", "Psychology and attitudes", "Personal care, beauty, cosmetics, fashion" and others;
- Share their mood diaries, and then - and her baby diary;
- Leave comments to articles, rate them, participate in polls and create their own, follow the feed for comments;
- Exchange private messages, search for friends and add them to the "Friends";
- Undergo psychological tests, and the results are copied to your profile, blog or other site;
- To take part in competitions and win prizes and much more.

"Home Moms"   He is waiting for all those who want to communicate a positive, many know and have a good time. Friendly atmosphere in the "Home Moms" will allow you to regularly charge optimism, and all efforts to prepare for the birth of a child to turn into pleasant. Welcome! Our passports are of unlimited duration.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya