What publicity stunts in the feminine beauty is not necessary to give in
 In an age of rapid development of Cosmetology Internet sources, newspapers, popular magazines you can often find alluring advertising slogans about how it is possible for a few days to radically transform and become a queen, to achieve a perfect, perfect appearance, and so on.. But advertising advertising and sad statistics show that in many cases when such changes women regret that once decided to go for it.

One such publicity stunts - the miracles of plastic surgery   - Is designed for those who wish by any means to prolong youth or correct certain facial features or shapes. Of course, if you look at history, we can see that this kind of medical intervention to correct the appearance at certain times was of great importance for humanity. But what would be the result depends on several factors (equipment, materials, professional surgeons and so on. D.)

And because plastic surgery is now one of the most successful areas in which the big money, advertising such clinics naturally look pretty convincing (eg demonstrate clearly the result may change).

 What publicity stunts in the feminine beauty is not necessary to give in
   Trying to lure a greater number of clients, the owners of institutions that specialize in such kind of activity, in particular, are trying to show that the appearance of their work professionals. But to work in such a competitive field, of course, many wish, and it is no secret that employment in these companies the most important role played by the prestige and communication. That is, it is not known how high professional level of masters, that women safely trust.

Besides imitating models, idols, successful beauties and so on. D. Women often find themselves in disadvantages over which, in their opinion, it is necessary to work seriously. Most of the complexes (especially when it comes to teenage girls who are learning to look beautiful, fit ideally) related to the figure. Who is touted many fashionable diets, programs, and (worse) anti-obesity agents. We'll talk about everything in order.

Basically, diet and weight loss programs   themselves are not terrible. The only thing you should pay attention - the duration of the diet. If a girl (especially teenagers) long torments himself diets and constantly thinks about the figure, first, losing weight becomes obsessive thoughts, and secondly, the body does not receive the necessary nutrients that badly affects the health and the psyche. By the way, very often the result of diets can be unhealthy complexion, sadness and discouragement in her eyes. And excessive thinness are not all going. Think about whether such a model figure of victims. In addition, if you decide to use a special program for weight loss, then you should know that these programs should also take into account the fact that the body needs all the vital vitamins and minerals. The absence of one or more of these components adversely affects the appearance.
It should also be borne in mind that the desire to achieve the ideal can move smoothly into a psychological dependence. Yes, that's dependence, which is the fear that the extra weight gain becomes pathological. But poor diet for a long period of time is fraught with nervous breakdowns, exhaustion and other dangerous consequences. While this "disease" are more prone to young girls, unfortunately, even older women sometimes fall under the influence of obsessions.

 What publicity stunts in the feminine beauty is not necessary to give in
 Popular slimming   - Not that other, as ways to deceive the nature of time. For any sane person realizes that there are no pills to reduce appetite or remove extra kilos can not replace a healthy diet. During a certain period of time, they may show a stunning effect. But further developments can be surprising - the use of such funds again can lead to physical and / or psychological dependence, inadequate reactions, diseases of internal organs. That is, the victims can be scary.
Even innocuous at first glance, slimming teas in some cases lead to vitamin deficiency and dependency.

 What publicity stunts in the feminine beauty is not necessary to give in
   You should also know that the approach to the ideals of appearance in the modeling industry is now changed. Therefore, if you are dreaming of a model appearance and careers related to this area, you must remember that the main thing now - not only have a figure with the appropriate parameters, as takes into account all the factors in a complex - attractive facial features, grace and ability to feel confident that is directed at you a huge amount of views.

But most importantly, what every woman should know - that the modern achievements of cosmetology often ignore the most important - natural beauty is valued above all among men. So, before you deplete yourself diets, buying newfangled means or access to specialists - think maybe you loved someone like you people just be what you are. And do not be addressed at the serious experiments on rejuvenation - nature can not be fooled.

And if in nature to that woman can be beautiful always, instead of giving huge amounts of money surgeons may be better just psychologically adjust yourself to the fact that with age, we do not grow old, and I was, and still we remain charming.
Author: Alla Pilipenko