Your hair and makeup are aging you?
 Make-up artists and stylists know the truth, we sometimes ignore: What makes you harder to make, and what image of the old. Here we show you some famous actresses of our time, and as with the wrong haircut or copious amounts of foundation and eye makeup they looked 10 years older than they are now. But also there is a downside: the right hairstyle and light make-up can help the actress aged look forever young.

• Demi Moore (Demi Moore)

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

Proof of this - Demi Moore: back in 1993. Here her skin is pure white, the lips are too red, sloppy eyebrows, eye makeup is very bright. Moore - one of the few actresses who with age only get better, and it can be seen in the next picture.

Avoid excessive amounts of powder, dark and heavy liner and snow-white skin.

Best option: bronze skin, light eyes and transparent lip

- Demi Moore, 14 years later

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

There Demi, 14 years later, looks very young. She can easily give 28 years, although it is 45.

To achieve this, instead of the heavy foundation and powder, which are deposited in the lines and wrinkles, choose a transparent tinted moisturizer, moist pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and apply a bronzer across the forehead, cheeks and nose (to give the illusion of a natural touch of the sun). Cream formulas work better than a crisp, because the cream "whipped" the skin.

• Jessica Biel (Jessica Biel)

One of the most popular celebrities today - Actress Jessica Biel, known for its chic body (have you seen the buttocks?), And now his relationship with singer Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake). Even famous actresses are mistakes in the past.

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

In this picture, 2003, Biel appeared in an image reminiscent of Dita Von Teese (Dita Von Teese), which has produced a bad effect.

Something ill:

Red lips - timeless classics, but do not combine it with bright makeup eye. If you choose the bright lips, leave the rest of the make-up calm and easy not to resemble a clown.

Dark eye makeup always ages. Heavy shade to the eyebrows - it's too, if you do not fulfill the role of the theater.

Be careful with sequins. As the former model Lauren Hutton (Lauren Hutton) in the November issue of Marie Clare 2007, sequins can act like a "lights on the runway at the airport - highlighting each line, wrinkles and pore." Hutton knows this since she created her own line of cosmetics, when unable to find the funds profitable demonstrating its aging skin.

Choose the right accessories. There makeover Biel fighting for attention with a bow on her sweater. If you choose a dark lips - they need to be in the spotlight. Try to keep the rest of the way was simple and elegant.

- Jessica Biel four years later

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

There makeup Jessica Biel looks very natural and sweet. Her hair loose and wavy, but not too long. The hair, which falls just below her shoulders - a universal option for all women with any form of face or hair type.

• Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez)

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

Ahhh, J.Lo. who you want to be like? Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren)? Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) sample of 2007? Incomprehensible her hairstyle adds extra years, and in combination with dark make-up is just overkill. The best way for Lopez - a sleek chignon. One positive thing: we love her shiny cheeks.

- Jennifer Lopez, four years later

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

Most women seem younger, when their hair does not look like a comb, inaccurate, lacquered weight. Here Jennifer Lopez with long hair, but the hair is not perfect, because there are strands beaten out - that the only benefit. Her make-up is also fresh and natural, with only one warning: these extreme eyelashes can be a little shorter. They resemble spider legs.

• Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie)

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

One of the most beautiful women of today, Angelina Jolie, has it all: full lips, large eyes, and Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt). My friend from the media industry, which interviewed more than 1000 celebrities have recently confessed to me that of all the actresses with whom she met, Jolie was the only one whose beauty she found exciting and attractive. So why Jolie continues to go public with his hair like a venerable old lady? And when she finally, combs her hair back, it always produces strands falling down the sides of her face.

The hair combed upward is incredibly adorable, but can also add your age. Be careful with curls that fell out of fashion for more than ten years ago and remember, reasonable limits are always welcome.

- Angelina Jolie month later

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

We love the soft curls of Angelina Jolie as in this picture. Usually it dismisses her long hair to the collarbone, but in September 2007 it obstrigla long hair, leaving them just below the shoulders - a great hairstyle for women of any age.

Curls always flatter and makeup Angelina in this picture just perfect. With a hint of the luster of her lush lips are not "compete" with huge eyes.

• Vanessa Williams (Vanessa Williams)

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

Do you think this hairstyle adds Vanessa Williams 10 years exactly. At that time, as a short bob haircut and the like can be great for women of all ages, some hairstyles can only old. Hair below the chin can add age to your face.

- Vanessa Williams 45

 Your hair and makeup are aging you?

Vanessa Williams knows a secret make-up artists: Emphasize your benefits. In this case, the advantage of Williams - big blue eyes. While as vnutrennayaya eyeliner can visually make small eyes even smaller, with Williams this technique can get out of a difficult situation.

Wavy hair is shoulder-length perfectly suited Williams, unlike the previous short haircut.
Author: Ann, New York