Beauty Secrets of Christina Aguilera
 Sultry singer shares her secrets of the ladies' room.

For radiant skin

Sufficient sleep and lots of water are essential for me. Surely noticed the phrase that "a dream - a source of beauty." Essentials for me is a moisturizer, sunscreen and water bottle.

  In addition, I spend a regular skin care. Every night before going to bed, I clean the face Makeup remover milk, and then a gentle cleanser. Then be sure to wet the face. If I were asked to give advice, I would have immediately said, "Take care of your skin. Do not forget to use sunscreen even if you do not intend to spend much time in the sun."

For sexy curls

I never have the patience to deal with hair. I love to tinker with makeup, but the hair - is another story. Just try to keep them healthy. Not my frequently and I use a good conditioner, so they are not confused.

For the perfect lips

To reach Christina branded sponges, follow the advice of her make-up artist Christopher Buckley (Kristofer Buckle):

"To create a signature red lips Christina I use first, well-pointed red lip pencil to outline the shape she wants, depending on the type of event, which brings together Cristina. Dusting the edges of the lips ensures lasting effect and prevents lipstick from razmazyvaniyae.
Then I put the lipstick soft pat. Red lips - face decoration, but they should be made as clean as possible, so take your time and patience. Christine, we have tested all the shades of red that have been in my arsenal. "

For fatal eye

To my eyes, I use foundation, and then runs through the black liner on the upper eyelid, creating the effect of cat's-eye. For eyelash use really thick brush. The lower lashes do very extensive, if not using the overhead on the upper eyelid. In this case, the lower lashes are invisible.

For the sultry fragrance

Aroma - a powerful tool of seduction - a secret helper. As a performer, he helps me get into the role and provide sufficient support. Perfume once again emphasizes my femininity, makes you feel sexy and confident.

 Beauty Secrets of Christina Aguilera
 My fragrance provocative, sexy and playful. I also would like to have it more romance with special ingredients, reminding me of a honeymoon, like a delicious black currant and exotic fruit sorbet. There is also the chords of jasmine. Jasmine is very feminine. I always associate it with the charm of old Hollywood.
Author: Ann, New York