Meeting Beauty
 Top podiums distinguish natural spring, monochrome monotony and they are presented rather daring clothes, demanding our attention. The most famous makeup artists who worked on the spring fashion shows, step by step instructions tell producing the most stylish images. The power of beauty in return ...

Michael Kors, Spring 08

Paige Dick (Dick Page) used a bright color palette, to complement the luscious colors in the spring collection of Michael Kors. Duplicating the image of "a delicious fruit cocktail," he gives the model "a happy, healthy, sexy," a person who is focused on the "layered, colored" eyes.

 Meeting Beauty

To achieve healthy bronze glow of the skin, apply to face Paige tight foundation one tone darker than the natural color of the skin. Then I use powder bronzer to accentuate the cheekbones, and struck dark brown blush just below them to create depth of tanned skin.
For eye makeup Paige multilayer color version, causing the shadows from the lash line up to the brow ridges. Dust First golden hues lower part of the inner corner of the eyebrows and eyelids. Then, the mixed orange shade in the crease, after which the entire region of the century caused pink powder. The final stage - purple pencil along the lash line and two coats of black mascara.

His lips were just a complement to the strong and bold eyes. Paige inflicted Paltz pale pink gloss on her lips models, creating a "wet" fresh image.

Valentino, spring 08

The inspiration for the spring collection of Valentino, the last before his retirement, became "chic young lady with a good sense of humor," so that the make-up artist Pat McGrath (Pat McGrath) joined the palette of pink and purple shades on a fresh matte skin to emphasize youth models.

 Meeting Beauty

In order to achieve smooth, even skin, McGrath used a matte foundation, and then pollinated cheekbones models crumbly rouge for fresh, natural radiance.

McGrath made a bid for vibrating purple eyelids, causing purple shade from lash line to brow and practically. She then used a wet brush to apply the powder over the shimmering shadows deepening shade. The last step was two coats of black mascara.

To emphasize the seductive lips, McGrath used shiny fuchsia done with a brush for a perfect result.

Temperley, spring 08

Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury (Charlotte Tilbury) would like to achieve, "the glamorous image of 30s, which is why models Temperley she used bright orange matte lipstick in combination with what she called" hot, sexy skin. "The power of color - one of the most fashionable trends in the ensuing spring - opposed by virtually pure naked face.

 Meeting Beauty

For smooth, beautiful skin Tilbury all dealt face concealer and powder for cautious zamatirovala lights. Flawless, smooth complexion is created to nothing to attract attention.

To get a fabulous wet shine Tilbury conventional products used an unusual way: it caused a light sheen on the eyelid MAC. Then he twisted eyelashes and struck two coats of mascara volume.

A key element of the image - matt orange lips - was created by blending cream blush fuchsia with orange matte lipstick. Tilbury first lined orange lip pencil, then with a brush struck cream blush. The final stage was a layer of orange lipstick.

Peter Som, spring 08

Makeup artist Gucci Westman (Gucci Westman) established a traditional way with a touch of hardness, to emphasize the collection of clothing Peter Som, which was modeled after the "college girls" 1830s. Westman was inspired by Kate Moss (Kate Moss) and Patti Smith (Patti Smith) - a little disheveled and hooligan image.

 Meeting Beauty

Westman left eye make-up as if unfinished, smearing bright iridescent shade over the entire surface of the century and then running his messy black eye liner. When loading the eyelashes mascara, she created a lumpy, relaxed effect.

To call some resonance in gray, silver, blue, shades of clothing, Westman opposed them modern pink lips are a little distracting from the overall image. She used an opaque pink shade that looked very cold on the skin models.

To complete the image, Westman pointed apples of your cheeks pale pink blush.

John Galliano, spring 08

One of the images of Galliano's spring collection was inspired by Coney Island 20th and MakGrkat Pat (Pat McGrath) reflect its pastel colors, long doll eyelashes and bright pink cheeks.

 Meeting Beauty

To create a porcelain skin McGrath used maslopoglaschayuschuyu powder to eliminate shine. Then she struck bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, which was a big contrast.

McGrath for this image wanted to achieve dramatic, almost clown eyes. She struck finger blue cream shade around each eye. Then the center of the upper and lower lashes were glued false eyelashes slightly cropped.

To complete the image of McGrath used matte pink lipstick, which is covered with glitter, which contributed to the "smooth shine."
Author: Ann, New York