Povarёnok.ru: summarize
 Since the opening of the new social network of culinary "Povarёnok.ru" has been almost 4 months and we can already draw some conclusions and to talk about our achievements.

Since then, the portal "Povarёnok.ru"   registered more than 3 million people who have placed more than 3,000 interesting recipes. Now the recipe directory "Povarenok.ru"   It contains a large number of original recipes with appetizing photos of dishes.

During this period, we summed up the 2 times competition "Add a recipe - get the prize"   and presented the prizes to the winners. And announced a new contest for recipes with step by step photos, which played 10 monthly prizes of $ 10.

We remind : Feature culinary portal " Povarёnok.ru "Is that every registered visitor can he add a recipe with lots of photos, culinary news article ... But that's not all ...

For convenience, cooks introduced a new service "Cookbook" . We have made it possible to the user to create category "cookbook." Created user-friendly interface to work with your favorite recipes: everything happens quickly and without unnecessary reboots pages, move the recipe from one category to another can now be in two clicks. Also in the "cookbook" and you can enter various notes, tips that you need to quickly write down and remember. This service can replace not only the management of paper cookbooks, but also a variety of programs for conducting culinary entries.

Modified service Diaries   - Now every user can keep a diary, placing information in the form of a slideshow of photos or a simple article with pictures and all his question turn to vote (with answers), which is open to all members of portal.

It introduced a new service - Communities . Now every user can organize interest groups, as well as join the community organized by other chefs, as interests may coincide, but to find like-minded people are always nice.

There is a new option to add reviews   Cooking on the portal "Povarёnok.ru." You can praise you liked cooking, writing a lot of good words, it's so good, or vice versa to warn people from unscrupulous users.

Changed evaluation   Recipe: Now, by voting for the recipe, the user can find the recipe either positively or negatively.

Well, probably the most interesting innovation - " povariki "- Virtual money portal" Povarёnok.ru. " They are awarded automatically for the active site - recipes, articles, news, blogs, chat on the forum, comments ... When you reach a certain number of "povarikov" Cooking is assigned to one or the other level . Currently under development, and the introduction of various services, payment of which will be "povarikami."

We prepare each day. Share your recipes!

Author: MyJane.ru