Exposing the myths about beauty
 Is it always expensive products are the best and efficient? Does chocolate cause acne? We'll tell you the truth about the most well-established myths of beauty.

Chocolate is the cause of acne

There is no scientific evidence of direct influence you consume products on the skin. However, if you are susceptible to acne - common genetically inherited skin disease, the high levels of sugar can artificially increase the hormones and thus stimulate acne, warns Christine Mill, manager of the international dermatological institute.

Expensive products are always better

The ingredients are of good quality always have a higher price, but it does not guarantee a perfect result. Be extremely careful when buying a particular product, and be sure to use the probes. Do not take the words of the company's marketing, as a 100% fact. Only you know what is best for your skin. Get yourself a notebook in which to write about the ingredients perceived by your skin, and released information about the new "miracle". And most importantly - be honest with yourself about the results of the use of an agent.

Spotlessly clean - the secret of beautiful skin

How can we explain the fact that after the deep cleansing of the skin sometimes feels taut? Leather has a special layer that is a protective barrier comprising fats, oils and water which are on the surface and provides protection from external contaminants, such as bacteria, fungal infections and environmental influences. Washing with detergents or soap-based products destroys this protection, whereby, the skin takes about eight hours, to repair themselves. Try not to clean the face more than once a day. Choose mild cleansers with a moisturizing effect, which will not cause skin discomfort.

Cucumber slices prevent bags under the eyes

The cause of the bags under the eyes is fluid retention in the body. A clear manifestation under the eyes caused by the fact that in this region the most delicate skin. Using cucumber, of course, helps to cool the region, thus helping to reduce the capillary activity and the amount of liquid. However, since the components of cucumber not penetrate the skin, the effect is only temporary.

Imposing toothpaste on pimples, you are contributing to their rapid "cure"

Toothpaste contains a small amount of antibacterial ingredient known as triclosan, which is often used in the treatment of acne. However, it also contains a lot of other components which are not suitable for the skin and may in fact cause clogging of the pores. Instead of all this, use safe products on the basis of clay, who pulled the dirt and does not clog pores.

The water has a negative effect on the kidneys

It is worth remembering that the skin - the last place that feels the benefits of the water, because it is primarily used other organs. Rule two liters takes into account all the water contained in the food you eat, so be reasonable with respect to the water consumption. The best way to keep the water level in your body - to drink little and often rather than all at once. Drink water when you feel thirsty, hungry, drink alcohol, or are staying a long time in the sun.

To look good, you need eight hours of sleep

Night - a time when your skin is not exposed to innumerable changes, so it's - it's time to recover and once again restored. If you do not get the amount of sleep dostatochngo, the skin undergoes stress, but the amount of sleep varies from person to person. Sleep quality - also an important factor. You can turn off for eight hours after a noisy party, but, of course, in the morning you will not look stunning. To get a full night's sleep, avoid alcohol and eating less than two hours before going to bed, take a relaxing bath and try not to go to bed after midnight.

Natural products - Best

Not necessary. Just because natural does not mean better. Many natural foods contain vitamins and minerals, but need to be careful when buying a 'natural' or 'organic' products. The most common name does not meet the product quality. They may contain various chemicals and preservatives. Synthetic alternatives may be no worse and maybe even better.