The only man Kate Moss
 Only men are allowed to touch the hair of Kate Moss (Kate Moss).

There is not one area in which to Kate Moss (Kate Moss) is exactly like us. Lovers, boyfriends and even husbands came and went, but if a woman found a man who understands her hair - they are destined to be together forever.

At the heart - long friendly and professional relationships Kate Moss and James Brown (James Brown).

For Moss James Brown - the man who started doing it curls when she was only 15. Like all the most reliable stylists, it is - more than just a hairdresser - he is her friend and confidant.

For Brown, who grew up in Croydon, close to the models, Moss - still the girl he met on the train to London, he - on his way to his cabin Covent Garden, it is - to meet the endless casting, on the road to fame of the world model.

When the photographer Corinne Day (Corinne Day) Moss helped to become famous in the early nineties, the talent for creating hairstyles Brown (who really looked like hair, but not patent leather), it was already known to all.

Their first joint cover of Vogue, made in 1992 Deyem (Kate was 17, James - 22) made an incredible sensation in the world of fashion.
Moss has a completely clean face, but with a single layer of the carcass. Brown removed her tea-colored hair from her face. "I was so confident," - he says. "While a few years ago I was doing hairstyle old lady from Croydon".

Brown, who was born into a large Irish Catholic family, became interested in hair and hairstyles to create when he was 8 years old. "I never understood why my older sister always came back from the hairdresser and immediately washed my hair. I offered to do her hair, and soon began to do hair all her friends."

Now haircut, performed by masters of its interior - the most popular in Primrose Hill and Park Avenue. Sacred place for Brown, however, is its farm in Galway, where his favorite horse, and in the days of rest, he agrees to work only with very important persons. "I work with Patrick (Demarchelier) or Peter Lindenberg (Lindbergh). Or Kate ..."

He made the first shot after the birth of a child Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes), and now asks the question: "Why did she cut them? What happens to the women who cut their hair after the birth of babies?"

He also recently worked with hair Demi Moore (Demi Moore) for the cover of the magazine: "Her hair - just perfection."

But one of Brown's favorites - Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker). In a city that invented the daily blow-dry, curly, like her hair, "are in fact a crime," he says. However, for your hair Brown is trying not to adhere to trends - is a mini-African. But he knows that women are rarely satisfied given to them from birth curls, and that we are spending obscene amounts of money fighting the will of Mother Nature. His latest and the main mission is to make all women love their hair.

"The women torture themselves the state of their hair - they should look as fashion dictates. However, they would benefit financially, taking advantage of what they have."

With Moss, a consultant and as a muse, he created a range of products (from hair masks and balms to simulate shampoos), valued at a reasonable range of £ 5.99.

"It's funny how people rob themselves, using some brands of cosmetics. Everyone has the right to a decent product. My sister - the provider - it must afford a good air conditioner, do not you?"

Tips from James Brown:

• In no case do not follow fashion to hairstyles - the worst hair models, because they are subject to perpetual onslaught of various changes.

• Find a way that suits you, and which you do not want to change.

• Curly hair should be washed up to three times a week. It requires a natural level of moisture.

• If you have a touch of gray, and you dye your hair, pick bright colors, because dark older.

• Females may have long hair, but do not have to grow them below the bra strap.
Author: Ann, New York