What to give the favorite on Valentine's Day?
 February 14 around the world celebrate Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. This is the most romantic and touching celebration, when all over the world to meet each other opens the heart and the magic words "I love you" sound in all the languages ​​of the world many times more than on other days. How to spend the day? How bright and beautiful to congratulate a loved one? What to give your significant other on this day? These issues are given a lot of women. Today we will give answers to these questions and help you make Valentine's Day the most memorable day of the year.

Traditionally, the most popular gifts on this day are cards in the form of hearts, candy, decorations. Generally, any thing in the shape of the heart can be a gift for Valentine's day. The main thing that looked like a gift of your love and respect for man. But the most important - it is how you present your gift.

You can just put a gift under the pillow, it can be accompanied by a tender kiss, and you can create a real fairy tale on this day. And do not think that this is an exclusively male thing - to create a "fairy tale" and beautiful declaration of love. Try it yourself and see how exciting it is. And make no mistake, your man will appreciate all the efforts. Here are a few ideas for holiday.

If you've recently met ...

If your relationship is still quite vague, Valentine's Day - it's a great opportunity to turn the relationship in a new direction. On this day, you have to be compelling, gentle and always sincere. Be sure to tell your loved about your feelings, write a cute little notes and quietly put them in the pocket of a man, make a love song on the radio. No need to give expensive things, it might not be entirely true interpreted. Better donate cute souvenirs, a bunch of balloons and create an atmosphere of tenderness and love. Enveloped your chosen attention and care, and he will understand that better than you found it empty.

A great gift would be "Mitten for loving couples." It consists of two manzhetikov and one common ground. In these mittens you can safely go for a walk and hold each other by the hand through the fabric is not normal mittens and feel the warmth of the living hand of a loved one. Mitten for loving couples "Hand in Hand" will make your walk through the alleys of the winter is particularly romantic! And not only will warm the hearts of lovers, but also your woven palm, so that your meeting will last much longer.

And you can give your loved radio-controlled toy, for example, the plane Pilotage Pioneer Spitfire. After all, man - just like kids, give a favorite toy, and you will see how impatiently he will collect the airplane and how joyfully accept this gift. A gift to a romantic look, stick to the aircraft wings hearts, or put into a box of sweet message about how you love your expensive pilot. And of course, your pilot after challenging bends a reward - a romantic candlelight dinner.

If you've been married ...

If you have been married or have established long-term relationships, it does not mean that Valentine's Day can be ignored or limited commonplace trinkets. Conversely. Just lasting relationships necessarily need to decorate romance and beloved husband must often remind that you love him and appreciate. On the morning of February 14 Bring your favorite breakfast in bed, and about a cup of coffee place "valentine", which recall some of the most enjoyable moments of your life together. On this day, you should look surprisingly, even remembers your favorites and see you the way you were dating at the time.

Well, if you decorate the house: colorful balloons, napkins with hearts will be very helpful. In the evening, organize an elegant dinner with candles, whether it is at home or in a restaurant and give the gift. What would you choose as a gift: a tie, shirt, mp3-player, "the stick" or a cheap souvenir, everything will be received with gratitude. After you have presented a holiday and love the man.

Well, if you want to battle my man "on the spot", give him one of the latest models of mobile phone. For example, Nokia 6500 slide - one of the most stylish men's phones. The model has a stainless steel slider. Multimedia features The Nokia 6500 slide will impress your man. The phone has a 3, 2 megapixel camera with autofocus and optics Carl Zeiss. The camera can not only take pictures but also shoot video in VGA-resolution. The media phone complements the FM-radio. To store the content used memory cards microSD. The phone also features TV-out, with which you can view videos and photos on a TV screen. And if you write to your phone to your favorite tunes or joint best photos, prices will not be to this gift.

Another stunning gift - Portable DVD-player, for example, Philips PET830 / 58 from 8, 5 "LCD screen. The player is equipped with a bracket for the passenger compartment and the port USB. You can easily connect a portable device to the USB port on a portable player Philips PET830 / 58 and play music directly from USB or photo in digital recording. Do it yourself or order from professionals cute video about your life together and show his favorite chat over dinner.

These are just a few ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day, you can take them into service, or to come up with a script. The main thing - to do something unusual. Tell your loved about their feelings clearly, give your love is beautiful.

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