Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms
 Come wind and cold. And along with them, and typical for this period of skin problems: dryness, peeling, irritation. The earliest affected lips. Ever since childhood we have learned that lick them in the cold can not, and chapstick many were with him since elementary school. Now everything is much easier. Even the owners of the habit of licking his lips, you can simply trust the good remedy for lips and not worry about shelling. We have selected for you 8 most-most, in our view, lip balms, so you can find their own, and no longer afraid of the cold weather.

Winter balms and summer - it's not quite the same thing. Therefore, if the summer you saved some stick in the winter you need to choose the means with other qualities. Well, for example, protection from the sun in the winter, though necessary, but not a principle. While summer products without SPF does not command respect. Texture and consistency, as desired, but with a sense of balsam winter somehow calmer, while in the summer it would be desirable that he quickly absorbed. And so on.

Our choice - 10 lip balms:

• Balm lipstick Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula®.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

You can call this product is quite versatile, as it can be used in both summer and winter, with equally good results. While the tasks he will perform different. In the summer of this balm, lipstick will provide good protection from the sun in the winter does not threaten your lips dry and peeling. One of the obvious advantages - ease of use throughout the day, still form lipstick in this sense is clearly preferable balm in a jar. And the price is also happy. For such a high-quality product price in the region of 110 rubles - a pleasant surprise. Lips after using for a long time retain the softness and tenderness. Rating: 5   (5).

• Lip Balm with rose oil Belweder.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

This balm Poland we found a regular pharmacy, and are very pleased to find. There pearlescent, but better - normal, transparent. Also very convenient packaging can mention a few real advantages of this balm. From balm simply breathes naturally. Feelings and rose oil in the formulation, and jojoba oil. Delicate aroma, visible regeneration effect - it's all true. According to the instructions, it waxes in the composition - only natural. Balm nourishes and moisturizes for a long time, is absorbed easily. I personally am not afraid even to a child a sponge to spread on a windy day. Price - in the range of 100-110 rubles. Rating: 5+   (5).

• Lip Balm Instant Recovery Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula®.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

For very severe frost for a long stay on the street for sports in the street - this is a great choice as it seems. This balm on the lips forms an invisible protective film, and your lips are protected than ever. At the same time like a balm for its moisturizing properties. Even very dry skin moisturizing he gave, and the effect this has come at once. Not sticky and without raid. The beautiful thing for active and sports! Price - 280 rubles. Rating: 5+   (5).

• Lip Balm "Actual Volume" from Nivea.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

Although we have a task - protection from the cold and wind, but if we can get more and more effects, then why not try a generic product? As for the large increase in the volume of the lips is hard to say if the increase is, it is not significant. That is, just turn your mouth into the mouth of Angelina Jolie will not succeed. Most likely, because hydration is an intensive and effective, then it and the effect of volume. But also some other properties in the balsam should pay attention. The lips become softer after use, comfortable feeling. No sticky as other means for lip augmentation. If you do not mind the color and brilliance in the balm, then you'll love this thing. Price - from 120 rubles. Rating: 5   (5).

• Lip Balm "Bourbon Vanilla BIO» Burbone Vanilla, Yves Rocher.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

Smell - a magical and delicious - this is certainly one of the very big plus product. The skin of the lips softened, but not as long as the previous balms. Although a beautiful aroma and is easily absorbed formula is compensated. In addition, the balm gives your lips a natural shine and a pale beige shade that for daytime makeup - very nice. In general, little magic in a jar. Price - 160 rubles. Rating: 5   (5).

• Stick lip LIPIDIOSE, Vichy.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

But to be more precise, it is not exactly a balm or lipstick, and reducing agent to care for very dry skin and cracked lips. Each day is not all fit enough oily consistency. But as the ambulance from chapped and dry lips - indispensable! Even very severe cases of chapped lips disappear for a couple of days checked. Well, almost therapeutic agent. Manufacturer, incidentally, of the Council on the need to apply only to the border of lips, if it is dry. Convenient packaging allows for it. As part really only right and natural: lanolin oil, rose hip oil, sesame oil, karite, Tocopherol, titanium dioxide, glycerine, thermal water Vichy. For sale in pharmacies. Price - 450 rubles. Rating: 5 ++,   (5) really powerful tool!

• Lip Balm with the effect of volume Anew Beauty Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner from Avon.

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

The effect of volume, you will notice. A small, but it will. Furthermore, balsam is in the form of lipstick, a lipstick consistency. Exactly falls, has a pale natural color that puts this product in the numbers needed in any beautician. Case - decent, not like the cheap chapstick, so keep hands and he borrowed to get it during the day is very nice. There are slight perfume. Price - 340 rubles. Rating: 5   (5).

• Oil - lip balm from The Body Shop with lemon flavor (sweet lemon).

 Choosing the best products: 8 lip balms

Magical, magical, magical! Here are our estimates and sensations. Very sharp falls on the lips (unlike, for example, from balms Lush), does not cause a feeling of heaviness, stickiness. The product is generally not felt on the lips. A scent of lemon just wonderfully refreshing! Moisturize long, colorless and soft. Price - 220 rubles. Rating: 5 +++   (5).

Finally.   If there is nothing, then olive oil - the number one folk remedies. Check expiration dates from balms to buy. Do not store for long. If you apply balm brush, then it washes the brush regularly. NEVER LET YOUR USE chapstick friend! This principle, and, hopefully, you understand why.

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Author: Julia Gnedina