Do yourself: Facial massage to reduce wrinkles
 What are the ways to reduce wrinkles you are considering? Cell cosmetics, surgical lifting, Laser lifting? Facial massage - is painless and effective alternative to it. In addition, it can be done without leaving home.

Massage reduces wrinkles?

What does facial massage to minimize wrinkles:
- Stimulates blood circulation, improving the exchange of nutrients and the release of toxins;
- It stimulates cell regeneration (removal of old and the development of new, young);
- Tightens and lifts the facial muscles;
- It helps to get rid of the swelling;
- Releases endorphins;
- Relieves stress, tension, fatigue - a good way to relax. Relaxed muscles helps prevent wrinkles.

When do massage for the face?

The best time - morning. Do massage immediately after waking up. This will help reduce the usual morning puffiness, dark circles under the eyes, stimulates blood circulation, invigorate and reduce wrinkles. Regularity - almost every day, although it can be 2-3 times a week.

 Do yourself: Facial massage to reduce wrinkles

The main principle

Any facial massage should follow the basic rule - the tenderness and delicacy. The facial skin is very thin (much thinner than the skin of the body). Especially thin skin areas are the area around the eyes - they should be avoided at all during a massage. And one more requirement - always use a moisturizing lotion or cream for massage, massage is not a person without moisturizer, it will harm the skin and cause injury and premature aging.

What methods of massage for the face can be called productive to reduce wrinkles?

1 method. Circular massage

Effective anti-wrinkle massage, which can be done at home. Before you begin, clean the face and hands, that there are no bacteria. For massage you can use a normal moisturizer as a massage oil. But do not use products that contain oils, if you have acne. The massage is done with gentle, circular movements, mainly in the areas of the face that are most likely to form wrinkles, is the forehead, cheeks and mouth. The length of the circular massage - 20 minutes.

2 method. Prihlopyvaniya

Another quick and easy massage of wrinkles. It stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the skin. Doing it follows slug leaning forward. Use fingertips (the entire length of the fingers). Pats face is better to put on the hands and face moisturizer or serum. The duration of the massage - no more than 15-20 seconds. The best choice for busy women!

 Do yourself: Facial massage to reduce wrinkles

3 method. Massage and moisturizing

Gentle massage, you can make yourself at home. The main feature of massage - using lots of moisturizing oils (moisturizing lotion can be). Most suitable oils - jojoba or apricot. Naturally, it is a natural oils. Once the oil is absorbed, update it, again, take a few drops in the palm of your hand. The procedure is as follows:

- Pour the oil into your palms and gently spread on the hands, the oil must be warmed.

- Slow motion stroking the skin along the jaw upwards. The massage involved stroking and fingers and palm. Continue for 1-2 minutes.

- Alternately, place your palms on the center of the forehead, and clean up, smoothing the skin in different directions (from the center - down to the sides, top). Do this for 1 minute.

- Complete moisturizing massage on the chin. Gently massage the skin of the chin up and down and try to pet upwards line of facial contours.

4 method. Acupressure or pressure point massage

Acupressure is one of the best techniques in the fight against wrinkles. Acupressure is pressed at specific points on the face, which leads to the stimulation of blood flow, filling the oxygen concentration and energy flows. The main points that affect the reduction of wrinkles on the face are the following: on the inner corners of the eyes, on the inner ends of the eyebrows at the temples, near the nostrils and under the nose. Press with some effort, to feel the warming, this will be talking about blood flow and energy.

 Do yourself: Facial massage to reduce wrinkles

5 method. Massage of the wrinkles around the mouth

For wrinkles around the mouth using a special motion, so each of the above methods should be supplemented by this method of massage to work on all the wrinkles of the face. To reduce the wrinkles around the mouth, there are two main movements:
- Zigzag. Place the hands on the cheeks (one hand - on the one cheek, the other - on the other). Massage the skin around the mouth zigzag movements.
- Fast lifting. Put your hands around the chin, sharp movement, move your hands up her cheeks.

6 method. Massage against wrinkles on the neck

- The circular massage. This massage with light circular movements using fingertips. The focus of d├ęcolletage (upper chest), shoulders and neck.
- Kneading. This technique involves kneading the skin, which is clamped between the thumb and the other fingers of the hand, and both hands as if plucked the skin, promoting it up. It reminds all kneading. This technique massaged her shoulders and neck.

 Do yourself: Facial massage to reduce wrinkles

7 method. Yoga Face

About yoga for the face known to many. Basic yoga asanas for this - imitation of animal grimaces. One of the most popular and effective for facial yoga asanas is called the "roaring lion". Sit up straight, put his hands on his knees. Slowly open your mouth and sticks out his tongue, simulating the way a lion opening its mouth. Fully extend the language, as far as possible, on the exhale. Hold your breath, fix this posture, with open eyes. Hold this position as long as you can. Then - again several times.

 Do yourself: Facial massage to reduce wrinkles

After any type of massage is recommended to lie back and soak a few minutes, enjoying the relaxation and new sensations. It is better to fix the result.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin