Dry skin, prone to acne - it also happens
 When it comes to acne, it is usually assumed that this problem worried owners of oily skin. We dermatologists have such a term as "oily, acne-prone skin" and cosmetics manufacturers offer a wide range of tools for this type of skin. However, acne can be a manifestation of dry skin. Such cases are not frequent, but still there.

Causes of dry skin manifestations of acne can be many factors. On some you can not even guess. For example, frequent triggers dryness and acne is the cold weather and low humidity climate. Other reasons dermatologists called genetics, aging, some diseases, such as diseases of the thyroid gland and decreased immunity. And it is not rare skin problems are compounded when selected the wrong skin care program.

Skin Care, which combines the dryness and acne - a bit different from the usual principles of care for oily, acne-prone skin. Let's try to create its own program of care for dry skin with acne.

1. Cleanse. Avoid solid soap or aggressive detergents that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a substance deprives the skin of oils and oily skin if such action is not terrible, it is dry - disastrous. Sebum and butter - a natural moisturizer for the skin, and the skin can not be completely deprived of this important element of protection and power.

To buy washing means in the form of foam or mousse, cleaning deep into the pores, but contains gentle surfactants.

2. Toning.   It is believed that a tonic - the means necessary for oily skin, but not necessarily dry. If dry skin is prone to acne, tonic is a product that can not be abandoned. It eliminates pores from possible remaining detergent particles, and it is a good prevention of acne because it is the main cause of clogged pores.

By choosing the tonic should be approached carefully. The composition should not be alcohol or menthol, these substances irritate dry skin. Buy tonic designed for dry skin - this is extremely important.

3. Exfoliate. Do not use harsh scrubs containing apricot kernel or walnut husk. They make the skin drier, irritate and even injure it. Clarisonic Brush types are also not recommended, they worsen the dry skin prone to acne.

Use exfoliating scrubs based BHA acids (beta-hydroxy acids) are, for example, scrubs with salicylic acid. And if you see that this annoying scrub and dry, you can try a product AHA-acids (alpha hydroxy acids), such as glycolic or lactic acid.

4. The anti-acne ingredients in cosmetics.   The main anti-acne ingredients include:

- Salicylic acid (penetrates into the pores of the skin, exfoliate the skin inside the pores);

- Benzoyl peroxide (kills bacteria that cause acne);

- Retinoids (in particular, adapalene - a new type of retinoid, a substance accelerating cell renewal.

These ingredients are effective in the fight against acne, but they often provoke skin dryness and acne. The problem is that exceeds the concentration of these ingredients, as they are contained not only in antiugrevyh preparations, but also in the anti-aging and caring for the skin.

 Dry skin, prone to acne - it also happens

The solution is to find the right combination of caring and antiugrevyh products. You can not use both the cream with retinol and scrub with salicylic acid, it adds dryness and irritation. For example, you can try these variations:

- Exfoliant with salicylic acid + day cream with retinoids at night;

- Retinoids through the day + benzoyl peroxide in a day;

- Means night and day with salicylic acid, but not with the usual concentration of 10% and with a reduced concentration of salicylic acid and 2%.

For dry skin, topical medications antiugrevye combined with means, is rich in antioxidants. It may be popular with serum vitamins C and E.

5. Moisturize.   Prisuhoy skin there is the temptation to use to moisturize and saturated fatty moisturizers. But, unfortunately, in most cases, this is a mistake. Fatty and heavy oil moisturizing ingredients can clog pores and cause new acne and pimples.

Instead of greasy moisturizer buy a moisturizer with the gel texture, light and weightless on the feeling and rich in antioxidants. The availability of SPF in the day cream and cosmetics every day, because the damage that is applied to the skin of the sun's rays will only intensify the unpleasant sensation of dryness and the presence of acne. Not recommended as wetting agents, as part of which are mineral oils. Despite the fact that manufacturers claim that the mineral oil is non-comedogenic, a large number of cases it exacerbates acne.

Advice in choosing products for dry skin prone to acne: Make sure that none of your cosmetics do not contain corrosive ingredients such as alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, witch hazel or menthol. Better to spend time studying the composition of the product than to find out the reason why acne is not getting smaller.
Author: Julia Shestakova