Effective rules for cold weather
 "Winter, cold, lonely at home ...". By the way, we still have at least until April to protect themselves from the cold and wind. Therefore, do not neglect the winter beauty tips. Buy new products and changed his care.

- Peeling do 2 times a week And after use moisturizer with glycerin, to cope with winter dryness.

- Do not confuse night with day products.   Formula AM (daytime) are meant to protect, and PM-formula (night) made for recovery.

- For the lazy or forgetful:   remember at least 3 basic and mandatory step in skin care: 2 times a day cleansing (morning and evening) and night moisturizing - it's the law.

- Moisturizer in winter should be more saturated.   This advice does not just hits you in the eye. But how to determine what means enough "winter"? Lotion may smell good, it's nice to envelop the body and makes the skin soft, but it can be a completely useless tool for winter maintenance. If five minutes after application of moisturizer you can not remember, whether you caused it - it means that it's very easy formula, and it is not suitable for cold weather. Winter formula gives a more tangible coating contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin (glycerin) and sorbitol (sorbitol), which retain moisture.

 Effective rules for cold weather

- Oily skin is too dry in the winter.   One of the common misconceptions: oily skin does not need moisturizer, otherwise it will lead to acne. On the other hand, need a moisturizer oily skin in the winter, especially when used on acne remedies. These means dry skin application site, leading to inflammation and again to acne. The only thing you need to know the owners of oily skin - they need tools that suit their skin type. Heavy was only harm should buy a product with a light formula, without oil (oil-free) or marked "nekomedogennoe» (noncomedogenic).

- Add moisture while cleansing.   Soap or gel for washing should not be foaming (a measure of drying the skin a large amount of sulfates), and it is better to look at their lineup moisturizing ingredients: plant extracts, natural plant oils.

- Avoid funds with glycolic acid.   It is sometimes found in the peels and scrubs. It's not winter ingredient: glycolic acid aggravates dry skin.

 Effective rules for cold weather

- Remember and wetness hands.   In the season of colds, they should be washed very often. This can lead to drying of the skin. Keep hand lotion where you wash your hands (in the bathroom and the kitchen), not to forget to moisturize your hands after each wash. Formula creams and hand lotions with urea or beeswax retain maximum moisture. If you do not like the often apply the cream for hands (some do not like greasy feeling on the hands), then pick up the soap, which will have moisturizing properties (for example, soap with coconut oil, or soy milk).

- Decided to take advice   put a humidifier in the bedroom?   When buying look at the models that produce cool jets of steam, such steam humidifiers do not lead to the growth of bacteria.

- Oils - a typical winter product.   Do not ignore oil. Look for them in cosmetics, make-up, apply a pure skin, hair and nails:

For body.   Immediately after showering, apply to damp skin of the body a few drops of oil. If the skin is dry, it is possible to apply oil to the body throughout the day.

  For face.   Apply oil only to clean skin. For additional watering try to use oil for cleaning. Generally, it is a good idea for the summer, as starts the principle that the oil does not dissolve in water and in oil. And if you add to your care Bole oil money, then it is easier to clean the skin oils.

For hair.   Using wraps with warm oil - winter is a good procedure. Apply warm oil on dry hair for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the shampoo and conditioner in this case is not necessary. Once a week, take a deep moisturizing, leaving oil on the hair overnight (under the cap).

For nails.   Moisturize cuticles with a special oil for the cuticle or other universal oil. After the massage oil, a wooden stick, move the cuticle. Next to be cleaned before applying nail polish. But as soon as the nail polish is completely dry, you can re-moisten the cuticle oils.

 Effective rules for cold weather

- Silicone   - One of the main ingredients for saving the hair in the winter. It protects against high temperatures (in winter we often use a hair dryer or tongs), smoothes hair and eliminates static electricity. Buy air conditioners and styling agents with silicone

- Static stress on the hair   - A typical winter problem. Get rid of this during the day will help any moisturizing product. Rub the palms a little gel, lipstick hair oil or moisturizer and smooth unruly hair. It affects the quality of the combs. Do not use in cold weather, synthetic, to prevent static hair comb is made of natural bristles, such as wild boar.

- Nails are also suffering from the cold And they also need additional moisture. Keep a cuticle oil or even hand cream. And if there is nothing there, you can use the cuticle favorite lip balm.

 Effective rules for cold weather

- Wear gloves not only outside, but also at home.   Sounds weird? But it's good advice. Of course, the gloves should be different. For winter, you should have three types of gloves or mittens: for the street, for the house and home cleaning. Street - warm and woolen. Home - a cotton mittens or gloves that can be worn for a couple of hours over the layer of fat cream, it eliminates the cracking, dryness, itching. And rubber - for cleaning, do not forget to protect your skin while washing dishes and other housework.

- If the state of the nails very worsened - to go to the salon paraffin manicure and pedicure.   This will result in the hands and feet in order in the shortest possible time.
Author: Julia Shestakova