Fight with black dots
 They appear at the precise moment when you least expect it. We decided to find out the causes of blackheads and how to deal with them.

Our hormones (and more specifically, testosterone) are responsible for the appearance of pimples and blackheads. In general, black spots - the result of an overabundance of sebum. It is released through the fine pores, and the pores become clogged if, blackheads are formed. The area becomes inflamed, there are redness and pimples.

Almost 70% of people suffer from acne, not only in adolescence, but in 20, 30 years. The most exposed area - is the face and chest.

Ways to get rid of blackheads

Few people realize that acne, black spots and acne - it is a problem caused by internal factors. It is useless to fight them only with the help of cosmetics. However, the most effective product - a benzoic acid, so pay attention to the content in your cream or lotion. We recommend that you contact your doctor, he will prescribe lotions with antiseptic properties. If after 6 months, the black dots disappear, it is necessary to change the tool. Please note that for girls there are contraceptives that prevent the occurrence of acne. Ultimately, you will choose with the help of a dermatologist is a tool that is right for you.

Is it true that ...

Black points - the result of poor washing?

No, this is a myth. In fact, many people with skin problems watching it even more carefully than others. This is because only a hormonal condition.

Pimples disappear after sunbathing?

Yes, of course, vitamin D affects the excellent condition of the skin. But always have to fear exposure to ultraviolet rays, so use sunscreen.

Chocolate causes acne?

No unlikely. Chocolate can promote overweight, but on the skin only indirectly affects it.