First aid for a skin on New Year's night
 In the hectic New Year preparations, facial skin can be an unpleasant surprise - pimples, redness or inflammation. Let this little problem will not spoil your holiday because it has for a quick solution.

Tired and dull face

Quickly spray to help cheer up a person. Buy a spray of mineral water. To ensure high-quality skin hydration and protect against the negative impact, keep a spray of mineral water, for example, Akvamineralny spray for face and body Arkhyz.

 First aid for a skin on New Year's night

Cold on the lips

At the first tingling is necessary to apply a specially designed product for this viral disease. For example, Zovirax, Acyclovir, Fenistil and other ointments. Hydrocortisone ointment helps at the first sign of the virus on the lips.

 First aid for a skin on New Year's night

 First aid for a skin on New Year's night

If the disease has already developed, think of the trouble spots carefully. Clean it with a mild detergent (without sulfates and foam) and then apply a moisturizing cream on him without fragrance and color (with most organic compounds).

Inflammation, itching, redness

Antihistamines facilitate state. Hydrocortisone ointment to cope with dryness, itching, inflammation and eczema.

Quickly remove redness help vasoconstrictor drops from the common cold. Pre-put them in the fridge, and then place a large cotton swab and apply on problem areas.

Oh, a pimple!

Unpleasant situation, but not critical. There are some simple remedies that will help to minimize acne, remove redness, as if to dry it.

- Toothpaste. Apply it on the problem and leave for at least 10 minutes. Pimple will be less.

 First aid for a skin on New Year's night

- Honey. It creates the same drying effect as toothpaste.

- Pimples with a white center cleaned using a warm compress. Take a clean cloth, soak it in hot water (as hot as sustain your facial skin) and apply to problem areas. As the cooling compresses it again heated in hot water. Do not press down on the spot! The heat will help acne fast "open", will be released white pus, redness pass.

 First aid for a skin on New Year's night

- Pimple on the eyelid - a complicated story, if it has only just begun - is not touch. You can use a special medical ointment and another method - gently to spread green paint.

- Salicylic acid - another way fast podlechivaniya acne. Any product with salicylic acid is suitable, or crush the tablet salicylic acid and treat the pimple. Aspirin - a form of salicylic acid, aspirin use. Salicylic acid is effective in acne white. And if there was a red spot, it is best to deal with it means containing benzoyl peroxide.

 First aid for a skin on New Year's night

- Cortisone - the drug also treats acne. Cortisone is available in tablet or powder. If you have this drug in the medicine cabinet, grind it into a powder and mix with a little water, apply gruel on the problem area.

Advice from a dermatologist - not to squeeze pimples. This can lead to scarring, so choose what is more important to you: a pimple or a scar for a few years.

Red eyes

Visine eye drops to help look brighter and more cheerful. They can be applied to the parties as well as in time. It would take them and after a sleepless night. The advantage is that missing just one drop, and any allergies immediately leaves. Instant means and cosmetics does not prevent the use of Visine.

After the ball

After the holidays, skin problems will be less. And if you need to quickly put himself in order, use our tips:

- Acne. Holidays - a busy time when we do not pay attention to the skin as in ordinary days. Hence - the inflammation and acne. To restore the skin smooth appearance will require a restart. Start all over again. Clean the pores by chemical peeling (products gidrokislotami beta, they have anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness).

- Puffy eyes.   Alcohol, salinity and sleepless nights - the cause of puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Start with a gentle detox: Limit salt intake, coffee, canned. Drink plenty of water and enter into the diet of a large number of fruits and vegetables, unsalted nuts, salmon.

Cosmetic path is also available. It should be thoroughly moisten the areas under the eyes. To do this, use a serum or moisturizer with antioxidants. Well hydrated skin does not retain fluid, it looks less wrinkled and tired. In the morning, gently massage the fingers swollen areas around the eyes, this will reduce the swelling.

- Wrinkles. Sweets, stress and alcohol make the skin wrinkled. It is necessary as soon as possible after the holidays go on a "clean" power (no salt, sugar, alcohol), and drink plenty of water. At night, use a cream with retinol. And if you have planned a small weekly rental - think about the injections, they effectively straighten out wrinkles.
Author: Tamara