Foreign exchange facilities and beauty treatments
 In autumn and winter, when our body needs intensive support, regular facial skin care, body and hair nogtyamii is not enough. The best solution to eliminate the "aggravated" the problems will undergo cosmetic products or procedures. How not to get lost in their choices and make the most advantageous solution?

Drugs and procedures applying to the course date, a great many. Writing expert evaluation, what kind of better than you prefer right now can only be a doctor, but all things being equal in your power to orient a product (procedure) you make more convenient.

The vials Beauty

Solve the problem:
  dry skin, cellulite, slowing down the growth of hair.

Until recently, the vials were used only in beauty salons relevant, but many manufacturers have already fixed the flaw, firing line tools for home use. The advantages of vials of beauty are:

A remarkable visual effect after the first application.   Due to the high concentration in the composition aktivnyhingredientov ampoules have complex treatment of various problems with the skin and hair. The skin is saturated with moisture and nutrients, finds strength and elasticity. Hair receive the necessary treatment and rehabilitation, resulting in the cessation of hair loss, eliminating dryness of the scalp and the acquisition of healthy shine and elasticity.

Control dosing.   Sealed vials beauty makes them suitable for single use. You can not exceed the dose, thereby harming their appearance.

Mode of application:   the contents of the vial should be added to cosmetic cream or shampoo and continue using enriched with vitamins and nutrients means. In some cases, the product is recommended to be applied locally.

Course:   from 14 to 30 days


Solve the problem:   cosmetic skin defects - acne, pigmentation, wrinkles.

Molecular size active ingredients in serum several times smaller than the cream. Due to this, higher concentration ten times or more. Serum perfectly solve point problems penetrating the deepest layers of the skin. Typically, they are recommended to enhance the efficacy of action or supplement conventional cosmetics. Sera has always applied under the asset.

Mode of application:   a small amount of product applied in a thin layer on the face, to avoid passing the area vekvo edema. Allow to soak for 3-5 minutes and is applied on top the usual means. Course application of the product significantly improves the skin, leaving it velvety soft and radiant.

Course:   2-3 weeks, 2-4 times per year.

 Foreign exchange facilities and beauty treatments

Face masks

Solve the problem:   the deterioration of the skin.

From face masks daily use of course a large number of different funds (concentration) caring components in the composition. Possess properties:

- Prevention and correction of age-related changes, intensive skin rejuvenation;

- Stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin skin;

- Restoration of normal water balance of the skin;

- Improving the stability of the skin to stresses and aging.

Thanks to the herbal ingredients, vitamins and fruit acids exchange facials cleanse and nourish the skin, favoring the improvement of the complexion.

Mode of application:   during treatment mask applied once a day or every other day to a clean dry skin. Further, to maintain a good state of mature skin may need support in the form of a single application of the mask a week.

Course:   7 to 20 days.


Solve the problem:   the deterioration of the skin, damaged hair, brittle nails, and stratification.

Nutraceuticals - a food additive composition is rich trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that the body can not produce on their own in full. In other words, nutraceuticals - is oral agents that help the body to function normally and to fully solve their own problems.

Admission nutraceutical in a short time makes up for deficiency of micronutrients, contributing to neutralize toxic substances entering the body from the outside or generated as a result of metabolic processes. In addition, it strengthens the protective properties of the body, increasing its resistance to adverse environmental effects.

Mode of application:   supplements should be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Course:   1 to 3 months.

XXI th century gives a woman a huge number of all kinds of drugs and therapies to maintain its attractiveness and youth. Do not neglect them to become even more beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova