General cleaning: how to get stains on your face or body?
 Spots on the skin and reputation displayed equally bad. Therefore it is better to avoid them. But if the pigmentation on the face and body has made itself felt, MyCharm help solve this problem. Effective, painless and safe for your reputation.

The problem of increased pigmentation are facing almost all women after 50 years. It is a law of nature, which can be difficult to resist. But we can now do everything possible to delay the appearance of blotches on the face and body. And, of course, to prevent them from occurring in the young and young age.

Why do I get spots?

Surprisingly, but any problem that women face in the struggle for the beauty of its appearance is always the same roots. It - Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, a weakened immune system, abuse of aesthetic procedures and chronic diseases. Speaking of pigmentation, this list can be supplemented with another thesis - passion for sunbathing. And then we can assume that there was a puzzle - there is a basic "provocateurs" spots on the face and body. To deal with that is not only possible but necessary! The main thing to do is always, systematically and without interruption over the weekend.

"Klyaksologiya": what are the spots?

Depending on the causes of the blots on your skin specialists are divided into several types. It is necessary to distinguish between them, because it is a typology of errors aesthetic skin accurately identify effective ways to address them. So, take "a pencil":

Freckles   - Lovely "star" adorn the face blonde and fiery red girls and women are due to genetic predisposition. Especially perceptible freckles are at the peak of solar activity, ie summer. To deal with them or not - it is a choice for individual beauty. But in fairness, we note that men like these warm sunny spots.

Chloasma   - These spots can already be attributed to the aesthetic problems of appearance. They spoil the mood to owners because of its rich dark color and irregularly shaped blots often impressive. They say chloasma of serious violations of the liver and adrenal glands.

Melasma   - But these symptoms are directly related to sunspots and solar activity. They are a response of the body to an overabundance of ultraviolet radiation. We spent the whole day in the sun without protection and a hat? - Wait for the "miracle" - unsightly stains will overtake you, if you do not take immediate action!

Post-traumatic spots   - As the name implies, these blots are felt after injuries, bumps and bruises. Why there is a malfunction in the body is difficult to answer, so I just take care of yourself!

 General cleaning: how to get stains on your face or body?

Stain: how to forget about the problem?

As we mentioned above, the causes of increased pigmentation are predominantly medical roots. Therefore, it is important to see a dermatologist or beautician to determine the nature of the "troubles", its causes and determine the tactics of "treatment." Unfortunately, we must note that to get rid of the nasty spots is not always possible. But if you have patience and perseverance - you will succeed! Positive changes will be.

The choice is yours:

1. Pets methods

They are, rather, a makeweight to other types of therapy, but sometimes this tactic is enough. In home care use special whitening cosmetics - serums, creams, tonics and lotions. With a systematic approach, the spots become less visible.

2. Cabin treatments

Mesotherapy with peeling with glycolic acid or retinol - a great solution for the "tarnished" the skin. This army of fighters with blots in tandem with the previous method - works wonders.

3. Elosterapiya

Another salon technique that is used not only at increased pigmentation, but also over a number of concomitant problems. If you are faced with stretch marks, sagging skin and dispersal of unpleasant spots - it is the best way out. The results will be visible to the naked eye.

4. Laser

Lasers have long been established in the list of the best inventions of mankind. That they help us to look at all, despite the years of uncertainty and our way of life. With regard to increased pigmentation, they are rigidly and precisely. The result of this work will be the ideal professional smoothness and cleanliness of the face, renewal of the epidermis.

 General cleaning: how to get stains on your face or body?

The appearance of age spots - it's your body's attempt to start a dialogue with you. Think about the causes of the aesthetic problems, change the attitude towards their health, and in front of you waiting for a bright 'spotless' future! Be beautiful and healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova