Go to bed without any errors!
 To care for themselves and maintain the beauty is not only the day but also at night. But this does not necessarily deprive yourself of sleep - you just go to bed, do not make mistakes that can cost you your beauty. Here are the most common ones.

Sleeping with makeup on his face

This is probably the most terrible and unforgivable mistake of all. But, unfortunately, many women repeat it again and again. Some people are just too lazy to wash off makeup, but someone forget that during the day used cosmetics. There are some ladies who believe that during sleep with makeup, they look better, and in the morning do not need to waste time on marafet. However, sleep with make-up is no good for the skin. While we sleep, smeared makeup, even the most persistent, so the visual advantages of the "night" makeup to think not. The pores in this point clogged grease and dust, expand, thereby causing inflammation.

Untidy hair

Long strands and bangs falling down while sleeping on a person can harm the skin. This is especially true with the fair sex problem skin. After all, during the day on the hair particles can accumulate dirt, which then, in close and prolonged contact with the person transferred to the skin. If you do not wash their hair before going to bed, it is best to tidy them into a ponytail, braid or wrap in their handkerchief or scarf. Even if you use a shampoo before going to bed, it is important to remember that some of them (including natural oils) have a negative effect on the skin.

 Go to bed without any errors!

Cotton pillowcases

For pillowcases better to choose fabric that minimize wrinkling, which tend to rub and irritate the skin. Most preferred are silk or satin. Pillows with a cotton pillowcase is not only highly irritating to the skin, but can also contribute to the formation of early wrinkles because of the friction of the skin folds of the fabric of the cell breaks collagen. Hard cotton fibers can harm especially sensitive skin. To avoid this, use creams with gialouranovoy acid, collagen or silicone. Remember that cotton pillowcase quickly gather all kinds of bacteria, oils, dead cells, which is also not very good for the skin. That is why it is desirable to change the cotton pillowcases at least once a week.

The overabundance of funds for cleaning

Many women find it more cleansing cosmetics are used at night, the better. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake. The fact that many of the products are not compatible with each other. Because of what they use each other is able to cause harm to the skin only. That is why it is not recommended to alternate serums and creams of various cosmetic lines. Use two or three cleaning agents for the night would be enough.

 Go to bed without any errors!

Lack of purification

But it is quite forgotten the cleansing of the skin is not necessary, even if you do not use cosmetics. During the day, the skin is going to a lot of dirt, grease and dust. All this clogs the pores, greatly increasing the risk of inflammation. To cleanse is best to use a gentle cleanser or special cosmetic wipes. When washing beware of too hot water, which causes dry skin.

Many exfoliants

Like oversupply cleansers detrimental effect on the skin and too much exfoliating cosmetics: all kinds of peels, scrubs, rough washcloths, hard brushes and so on. It is advisable to opt for a gentle exfoliator with optional moisture. Particular attention should be paid to the removal of make-up around the eyes, where the skin is very delicate and sensitive, - movements should be as careful not to damage blood vessels and lead to irritation or inflammation of the skin.

Liquid Measure

It is known that drinking water helps to keep youth and elasticity of the skin. Dehydration, in turn, leads to the fact that there is dryness, swelling, skin loses its elasticity and fresh look. To avoid such consequences, traditionally a day is recommended to drink eight glasses of water. But overdo it with the amount of fluid especially before going to sleep is not necessary, which can lead to unwanted swelling of the skin and bags under the eyes.

 Go to bed without any errors!

Overeating before bed

Most nutritionists advise not to eat after six or seven in the evening. If, in this mode it is impossible to meet, try to finish your meal at least two hours before bedtime. In this case, the body has time to digest the food eaten and will not cause insomnia. A full and deep sleep, known to help keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Sugar abstinence

Few of us are indifferent to sweets! However, before going to bed eating sweets should be reduced: an overabundance of sugar and carbohydrates increases insulin production, which in turn contributes to inflammation and irritation of the skin. Thus, before going to bed, instead of foods containing sugar and carbohydrates is better to prefer food rich in melatonin, protein and fiber: tomatoes, cherries, grapes, walnuts and others.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol causes more actively produce cortisol in the body, leading to loss of this important component of the skin like collagen. Even one glass of wine a day can lead to the fact that over time, your skin will become dull, having lost its freshness. Try to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and not to use it at bedtime.

Temperature control

It is equally important for skin care to monitor the temperature in the room where you sleep. So sleep in an extremely hot environment or under the influence of too dry air can become not only a cause of insomnia, but also lead to dehydration of the skin. The optimum temperature for sleep is good - 19-22 C and humidity - 45-55%.

 Go to bed without any errors!

Dream "in the pillow"

Those who like to sleep on his stomach, buried in the pillow, put your skin at risk of greater harm than others. With this posture, facial skin is under pressure, which entails the formation of folds artificial, collagen degradation, and loss of elasticity, respectively, the formation of wrinkles. If you do not want me love you pose on your stomach, get comfortable with the special-shaped pillow that will help you ensure a stable position during sleep.

Lack of sleep

Many people still mistakenly believe that lack of sleep is not related to the skin condition. In fact, the periodic lack of sleep leads to a dull the skin, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and many other troubles, which have a negative impact on human health and beauty. The same can be said about stress, worries, too tumultuous emotions, splash out at bedtime. Therefore advised to tune in to sleep and calm down for a while forgetting about all the problems. A good sleep and a pleasant awakening!
Author: Albina Rogov