How to reduce pores
 Enlarged pores - a headache of many girls. Can they really reduce, or at least make them look smaller? And anyway, what makes the pores dilated?

Here is another argument in favor of protecting the skin from the sun. It really needs to be done daily and constantly. And not only to reduce the risks of skin diseases (including melanoma). The sun makes the pores larger. Solar radiation breaks collagen and elastin connection, it not only leads to wrinkles in the distant future, but also to an increase in long now. Without collagen and elastin bonds, which are the structural support for the skin, pores are stretched, expanded.

Another reason for the expansion is long pimples and blackheads, extruded properly. If you have a habit of squeezing pimples or black dots, you probably noticed that over time the pores are more open, and the skin on it - not even. The best way to remove blackheads as follows: after steaming with a sterile needle (disinfected with alcohol) to pierce the center. Then, use an extractor comedones. When necessary - antibiotics.

 How to reduce pores

Now, how to reduce pores.

1. Retinol.   New York dermatologist Debra Dzhaliman considers that products for skin, containing retinol can make pores smaller. It is examined for its customers and is confident in the result. Retinol - a derivative of vitamin A, a well-known component of the anti-age cosmetics and acne fighter. Generally, Retinol activates the cell renewal process, but more deeply cleanses pores, making them less.

If you use the means with retinol, you should know that retinol is light sensitive, and under the influence of the sun has the opposite effect. Therefore, to use products with retinol should only at night. And do not forget about the daily sun protection, because the skin is a little thinner. Furthermore, products with retinol side effects may be in the form of dry and flaky skin, in this case not forget exfoliation twice a week.

And as a bonus - the disappearance of fine wrinkles, tightened the skin glow.

 How to reduce pores
Renophase cream with retinol and glycolic acid (France) Intensively regenerating cream with retinol from Clinique, Roc - Cream with Retinol Retin-Ox.

2. Tablets of acne.   Accutane drugs such as, for example, operate at severe manifestations of acne. While the patient is taking such drugs, it compresses the pores, since they reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and the skin dried. But this method is a lot of restrictions.

 How to reduce pores
   Firstly, it is a drug, and the need to consult with your doctor before using to find out the exact dosage. Typically, patients with severe forms of acne prescribed 2 tablets a day (morning and evening). Secondly, we should not delude ourselves about the effect of narrowing far as it disappears immediately after the drug is stopped. And, of course, like any drug, it has a number of contraindications, for example, a pill Accutane should always drink water, because otherwise there will be irritation of the esophagus, can not take pills, and expose themselves to the sun, because the skin is so much thinner and more susceptible to burns.

 How to reduce pores
 3. Laser treatments.   Perhaps you have met in the salons of terms such as Medlite, Genesis or Fraxel. These laser treatments are aimed at skin rejuvenation, anti-pigmentation, scars and so on. They intensify the development of collagen bonds, tighten the skin. Hence the effect with decreasing pore. Moreover, this effect lasts long. One drawback - the high cost of laser salon procedures.

4. Masks to reduce long.   This method is most popular, although it can not be the most efficient. It does not eliminate the problem, acting briefly. But women like masks, especially hand made. It is not expensive and absolutely natural. The most common ingredients for narrowing far: egg white, astringent fruits and berries, citrus fruits, oatmeal. Before pores should be thoroughly cleaned. Take a steam bath or clean the skin gently scrub, and then apply the mask tightens pores. After the fix effect of ice-cold water and ice cubes.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin