In the summer - without acne!
 "Road by walking"! And this is true. Do not give up and do not lower hands. Try, learn new things, looking your way against these hateful pimples and blackheads. Incidentally, this is a pretty big misconception that acne - the problem of youth. Acne can be surprised even adult women, especially during the hormonal age-related changes.

Therefore, we will fight. First, a bit of information for the skeptics. Like, can not be completely acne whitewash. Can! And example of this - not just your friends and classmates (remember, because there are some!), But even celebrities touched the problem of acne. Here's star, winning the acne:

- Katy Perry. In 2009, the singer told the magazine Cosmopolitan, she has acne scars. She also admitted: "I feel shy of irregularities, so often wear too much makeup to hide them." Yes, Katy Perry is often accused of copious makeup.

- Salma Hayek.   The actress also told once that she had acne. Salma suffered severe depression because of this. Once she experienced a very big nervous breakdown when she realized that he could not leave the house even to pay the rent. A deal with the problem by using a special diet.

- Cameron Diaz.   In an interview with New Beauty she told all my troubles associated with acne. An ugly looking skin strengthened such nonsense as sunburn, freckles and hyperpigmented hair. How to cope? Make regular microdermabrasion with lactic acid, keep the skin under the blue backlight to reduce acne, smoothes the skin micro procedures.

- Scarlett Johansson. Elle magazine the actress admitted that acne - a familiar problem to her. Now she is constantly in the attention to prevent acne. Never go to bed with makeup, apply only to funds for the skin, odorless and perfumes, shampoos makeup brushes once a week. And follow the diet.

 In the summer - without acne!

Do you feel better, not only do you have a bad mood, and nervous breakdowns because of acne? Now let's try to implement the tips of the stars and specialist dermatologists. We will work in two directions: external and internal. Outwardly - this means to the skin, and internal - it is the principles of nutrition.

 In the summer - without acne!
 Two of the most affordable home remedies for acne:

- Aspirin.   Crush the tablet in water and apply on the acne, as a means of instant treatment. Acne - sources of bacteria and inflammation. Aspirin - an anti-inflammatory, it copes with redness. The chemical composition of aspirin is similar to salicylic acid, which is able to penetrate deeply into the pores and clean them, otshelushivaya dead cells.

- Honey.   As a mask for acne prone skin, you can use an ordinary honey. Just leave on the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse. Honey has both bactericidal effect, and moisturizing, and controls the oil balance.

 In the summer - without acne!
 Nutrition for Acne
There are certain foods that help combat acne and skin inflammation. There are two main groups of food products against acne:

- Containing vitamin B1.   These are: asparagus, brown rice, beans, whole grains and eggs. Foods rich in vitamin B1, does not only contain antioxidants, they improve blood circulation, helps get rid of toxins, improve the absorption of other vitamins. There is an opinion that it was a lack of vitamin B1 in the diet is the reason that acne can not only handle external means.

- Containing probiotics. Probiotics can significantly improve your health, but other than that, more and help in the fight against acne, because they allow faster to absorb nutrients. Buy yogurt with probiotics, it does not allow bacteria to multiply in the body, keeping them at an acceptable level.
Author: Your Tamara