Lips: proper care
 What could be more beautiful female lips created for kisses and whisper sweet lips ... So compared women with rose petals. Artists carefully wrote out the lips of young ladies and the ladies on his canvases. Even the lips, leaving from the chisel of the sculptor, obtained particularly beautiful and well-rounded. In short, women's lips have always inspired artists and lovers captivated men.

But to his lips never lost its appeal and still fascinated, followed carefully looked after.

Doctors say that the lips can signal various processes occurring in the body:

- So, if beautiful, smooth, luscious lips talk about good health, the lips with a bluish tinge may indicate deficiencies in the cardiovascular sistemё about lung diseases.

- Lips can swell the habit of sleeping with his mouth open.

- If the lips and goad there perleches, the body lacks vitamins and minerals.

- Cracks may appear and if there is bad teeth or if eaten a lot of spicy food.


- When burning sensation on the lips, a sore spot should be wiped with alcohol.

- To get rid of the dryness of the lips, should be daily, preferably overnight, to rub them 2 drops of olive oil, gently massaging with the mouth clean finger. For these purposes and suitable small amount of nutrient cream.

- Lips smeared as Vaseline and castor oil.

- Special charm and glamor of becoming the lips, if lubricate them with vegetable oil with 1 drops (no more!) Of essential rose oil.

The essential oil in a large amount can not be used so as not to cause burning, pain and peeling!

 Lips: proper care
   - When inflammation of the lips . Buy at the pharmacy daisy bag, bag to brew a small amount of boiling water and not pressing, put on the lips, the top cover with a piece of terry cloth. Or brew 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers ½ staskana boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain, soak a decoction of cheesecloth (or better cotton swab) and attach it to his lips.

- Pale lips should be massaged daily with a soft toothbrush dipped in cold water.

- The best means of lip care is considered to be natural honey . A small amount of honey applied on the lips, and after half an hour just licked.

- An Apple   performance ranked second. In order to make it healing, it must be baked in the oven, peel removed, and the pulp applied to the lips for 20-30 minutes. Then lick or rinse swab dipped in boiled water.

- When the cracks on the lips, apple peeled, removed the middle, fill it with a little cream and cook until tender. Then applied to the affected area, the top cover with gauze and hold for 30-40 minutes. Wash with warm boiled water.

- Cucumber   It gives lips softness, freshness and smoothness. To do this, it is passed through a meat grinder, squeeze the juice, a piece of gauze impregnated with a folded in several layers and put on the lips. Ideally, keep the mask while the gauze is dry. But we can restrict, and half an hour. In addition, cucumber juice is useful to wipe the lips throughout the day.

- Mask brightness and youth . 1 teaspoon of carrot juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of soft cheese and ½ teaspoon heavy cream. Apply to the lips for 20 minutes. Wash off with a cotton swab dipped in warm tea leaves of green tea.

- Mask beauty and brightness of the lips . Take ¼ teaspoon of sour cream to add 10 drops of sea buckthorn oil, applied to the lips for 20-30 minutes. Erase cloth.

Experts say that the lips are young to old age, if you do gymnastics for lips : For example, blowing an imaginary dandelion, whistling a cheerful tune. Strongly compress and relax the lips for 10-30 times. And the best exercise is recognized fast pronunciation of 10-20 times a day sounds - well-to-and-from-i.

Of course, you can buy special tools for the lips in the store, but the natural mask reliable, safer and perfectly smooth and soften the lips and give them fresh.

By the choice of lipstick, too, should be approached responsibly, only high-quality lipstick beautify lips, not harm them.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva