Makeup removal - as the reverse side of makeup.
 Many of makeup water is not removed. It turns out such a vicious circle: if you want to do make-up, take care of that and then thoroughly clean the face of it.

Makeup - For many women, the creative process, the act of creating your own image. On the pages of every woman's magazine you will find a lot of tips on makeup. And it does not so much write about his back - up remover. Although this is the thankless process of preparing a "canvas" for a picture of our face.

A lot of their make-up remover technique subtleties, especially when it comes to make-up remover for sensitive skin. One can only imagine what delicate and capricious skin that you need every day to rub the "cleaning" means.

Our sensitive skin "naughty" in cold weather, when the summer heat, when the wind blows or too wet ... In the same way, she is naughty in relation to cosmetics and hygiene products, we stuffed it.

To avoid irritation, dryness and other unpleasant sensations on the skin delicate and sensitive, you need to very carefully approach the issue of choice of means for removing makeup. For these products we put on your face, neck, eyes daily.

Choose products for make-up remover without aggressive components that may damage the protective lipid layer of your skin.

Prefer Drugs saturated active moisturizing and soothing ingredients to avoid irritation of dry and flaky skin.

Questions that most frequently asked cosmetologists:

Do I need to do make-up remover before going to bed every day?
It is imperative to clean the skin, not only from the traces of makeup, but also from dust, from skin secretions.
Do not forget also about neck and neck!

If there is no make-up on the skin if you want to clean the skin morning and evening?
  Recommended minute cleaning in the morning and in the evening a very thorough cleaning to remove dust, dirt, skin secretion. This is a good hygienic gesture.

  Do I have dry skin after cleansing?
Always, only very gently, dabbing it with a towel, paper towel or cotton swab to remove makeup, which leaves no traces. But do not rub the skin.

Can I use lotions that contain alcohol?
We need to avoid foods that can irritate the skin and destroy its hydrolipid film.

  You can use the products for deep cleaning of the skin?
This is not recommended for sensitive skin. (Exception for oily skin.) There is a choice of cleansers with a mild exfoliation.

  If you do not like water:
There are tools for removing make-up, after which the skin is not necessary to rinse.
These funds combine the effectiveness of cleaning and softness care.

As the need to remove eye make-up?
The skin in the eye contour area is very delicate. We need funds, which combine softness, efficacy and safety. Saturate cosmetic cotton wool (no fiber) and place it on the lower eyelid and the second fleece very carefully, in any case, without stretching the skin around the eyes, wipe the upper eyelid in the direction from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.

What means should be used for make-up removal of the lips?
The same thing that you clean the face.

So, sensitive skin needs funds moisturizes and nourishes simultaneously. It is necessary to choose the texture richer useful elements and the most soft.

Means for sensitive skin make-up remover:

Soft milky lotion, supplemented softening lotion: this duo is indispensable for very dry skin.

  Gel make-up remover soft: make-up remover is applied to normal skin, after application of the person need to rinse with water.

Cleansing Lotion: make-up remover is applied to the skin, prone to irritation and redness.

Cleanser Eye make-up remover tool for the eyes, including those who wear lenses.

When choosing how to make-up remover should carefully read the labels of cleaning products!
Author: Dr. Teresa Nocera, a dermatologist, laboratory AVENE