The most important secrets of the dark-skinned girls, and their solutions
 Men like women with dark skin. Yes, they are mysterious, desirable and so hot! Pale-skinned beauties often complain that they say, lucky girls from the south: they rarely dry skin, irritation and redness it is also almost unknown ... However, at the luxurious smuglyanok has its own beauty-problems. We give tips on how to deal with them.

Dark circles under the eyes

This problem is not only the girls with olive skin. But smuglyanok this trouble has a greater intensity. And the main secret: you too can get rid of dark circles under the eyes, but you will need more time than girls, which is enough to make slices of cucumber and get rid of the problem.

The girls from the East and the South can not boast that they are just a few drops of concealer to disguise the blue. Tips about healthy sleep and meals does not help. These dark circles there is even a 6-year-old beauties.

 The most important secrets of the dark-skinned girls, and their solutions


Admit that to get rid of dark circles, you can not fight genetics is almost impossible, and it is necessary to use a more complex program of action. Not limited to a single product, you need the whole trio of funds, in contrast to women with pale skin.

1) Buy Brightening Eye Cream. As part of the search for funds - vitamin C firming peptides, soothing plant extracts. The peptides significantly reduce redness and blueness of the skin, increase skin density and strengthen blood vessels. Licorice extract - known ingredient that reduces puffiness, and vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen cells and reduces pigmentation. Apply brightening eye cream at night and in the morning under makeup.

2) Use a concealer just two types: liquid and tics. Liquid means major work is done, that is covered with liquid concealer first dark circles completely and thin. Wait until absorbed. Then Stick disguise those areas that are bluish. Feather fingers. And the main principle - for the dark-skinned girls do not usually work on the choice of concealer shade lighter than your skin tone. Because the concealer on the lighter shade will look ashy. You should choose a concealer tone-on-tone to their own skin tone.


Oh, you have heard many jokes swarthy girl hear in his address on the occasion of his eyebrows! If heard, you would hardly want to envy olive-colored skin.


Fortunately, full eyebrows in a trend (thanks to Brooke and Kara), and now to get rid of a large amount of vegetation is not necessary. Therefore, the most effective are two main ways:

1) Tweezers. It helps, if not superfluous hairs so much. Just do not forget to disinfect the tweezers after each use.

2) Wax. Buy a special set for waxing eyebrows. It is very easy to use. Wax has a delicate pink or blue hue to you are not mistaken. The result will be a very good and long-lasting. In between waxing you will only improve the shape of eyebrows with tweezers. Radically change the density of the eyebrows is not necessary, it is your pride. Moreover, it is proved that the fuller eyebrows - a sign of youth.

 The most important secrets of the dark-skinned girls, and their solutions

Too dark eyebrows

Care eyebrows are not limited to the shape. Women with olive skin colors are heavily pigmented hairs of eyebrows, and often want to soften the intense color of charcoal. But too bright shadow or eyebrow pencil make gray, and waxes on the contrary increase the black eyebrows. What to do?


Waxes are not suitable for dense vegetation, too highlights and attract attention. Your product - shadows. The secret to properly selected shade. Avoid any cold shades to avoid ashen effect. The most successful variant - a dark brown shade (crumbly, not cream!). Pre comb the eyebrows, and then apply the shadow of the corner brush.

Skin pigmentation

Pigment spots - a common problem. But, fortunately, it can be solved.


1) should consult a dermatologist, he will appoint the best treatment from the laser and to biodermabrazii lightening creams.

2) Be sure to use sunscreen, despite the fact that dark skin is not as susceptible to sunburn. Motivation - the prevention of the appearance of age spots. The problem is that sunscreen is left on dark skin marks and stains. But there is a secret - enjoy the day moisturizing cream with filter SPF (30 to 50).

3) Concealers yellow or greenish shade to be applied dot, shade brush, and apply makeup on top.

Tone Selection tools

Foundations medium shade is very difficult to choose. They may look great in the bottle, but on the skin look like a mask.

 The most important secrets of the dark-skinned girls, and their solutions


1) It is wrong selection of tools, taking into account only the skin tone, without taking into account the color. The palette of dusky shades can include green, gold, yellow or olive green. Decide what skin you have: your skin may differ from the face, and try to be only on the face.

2) We recommend to find those brands manufacturers that specialize in a wide palette of tonal resources. These include the American or British brand. A good palette of tonal resources to dark skin can boast of Maybelline New York, L'Oreal Paris, Rimmel London. If you can not choose your own color, it is necessary to combine several tonal framework.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin