What screams your skin?
 Frankly we - women often postpone visits to the doctor. And if a visit Aesculapius medicine enters the daily affairs of today, therefore, there was something out of the ordinary. Learn about the disease at a time when it is already firmly established in the body and significantly tainted the health - not the most pleasant disposition. Here, at the time, and you wonder why this situation is repeated with enviable regularity? Maybe the point is that you do not hear the call of your skin?

Strange but true - our skin is always warn us about the problems within the body. First, it makes tentative observations, to pay attention to certain organs or systems, and only if you do not take any action - she goes to cry. So what shouts skin?

Have you got acne

If your face suddenly appeared a rash, it means that instead of the usual replacement cream or lotion tonic was time to make a decisive step - undergo a general inspection. And it is better to start with a visit to a dermatologist. Later, acne may indicate the activity of a microscopic mite settle on your skin.

If the problem, fortunately, you passed, consult a gastroenterologist. Accumulation of bumps on his forehead   may indicate trouble with the stomach, pancreas or liver. Eruptions on the temples   - A sign of "stretched" the work of the gallbladder. Pimples on the cheeks   "Outstanding" intestinal rebellion, and around the mouth - indicate gynecological problems as a result of violations of the production of sex hormones. And here red itchy rash Reasonably throughout the body, it is a testament to the banal allergy.

Overcame the dark circles, bags under the eyes

"Balcony under the eyes" is most often a sign of fatigue or prolonged sleepless nights spent. In addition, they may indicate a lack of oxygen the skin or a sedentary lifestyle. The cause of the problem may also be a long eyestrain while working at the computer. Another current option - improper care of delicate skin around the eyes, use cosmetics, which is intended for other areas. You can not ignore the individual characteristics of the organism - the weakness of capillary vessels proximity, thin skin.

Often, however, is also a situation where the root of the problem must be sought in the internal organs. For example, circles around the eyes blue indicate poor circulation, red hue - a kidney disease or allergy, yellow color - on the liver.

Lack of vitamins A, C, E, iron deficiency and dehydration (fluid intake is less than one and a half liters a day) can also be shown in this way.

If the swelling under the eyes are formed, the most likely reason - the delay of excess fluid in the tissues due to circulation disorders. To eliminate the need to limit the swelling liquid for at least two hours bedtime.

 What screams your skin?

Troublesome pigmentation spots

Sloppy brown blob, called hyperpigmentation in medicine, appear due to excessive production of cells of the pigment melanin. Depending on the cause of the rash are divided into chloasma   (caused by internal disorders, diseases) and melasma   (post-traumatic reaction of the skin are, for example, acne, caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays).

If the cause of the rash does not lie on the surface, that is, you avoid aggressive skin exposure to sunlight and does not care for her with aggressive or cosmetic procedures, the problem should be sought within the body.

Hyperpigmentation may provoke liver and gall bladder, prolonged intoxication, disorders of the endocrine glands, metabolism disorders. To find out exactly what is happening to you, consult your doctor or family doctor.

Upsets skin tone

The pale skin of the face suggests a reduced pressure, kidney failure or anemia. Extreme pallor indicative of lung diseases and severe digestive problems. Yellow skin tone indicates liver disease or gall bladder. Red color gives a predisposition to heart palpitations and hypertension. Bronze skin color is a sign of adrenal lesions. Periodic skin redness may be due to the onset of menopause, or the appearance of malignant tumors in the small intestine.

 What screams your skin?

Grieve cracked heels

Dry and rough skin stop in the cold season - is not uncommon, as frequent changes in temperature, as well as the constant wearing of closed shoes and are a common cause of their appearance. However, unaesthetic problem may indicate a malfunction of the endocrine system, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or gastritis. These state provoke disorders of blood circulation in the feet and supply the skin with essential nutrients. Calling "drought" on the heels and skin disorders may: eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection.

The ability to hear the skin - not just a current trend of self-education for the woman, but also a way of self-care, health, friends and relatives. Apply the knowledge gained in the name of building a healthy life!
Author: Natalia Bartukova