Your new foundation: what to choose, how to apply, and that it can hide
 Winter, as a litmus test, can show all the flaws of our tonal resources, and to identify our inability to use it. After the summer, we sometimes had to do was just a day moisturizer with matte effect or a light mineral powder. Everything changes with the arrival of cold weather, when the skin is like require "dress" her warmly. And if you do it wrong, it can only spoil everything, discovering irregularities and problems face.

At first a few tips to choose a foundation:


• The most important question: what should be the color tone? And the answer is - the easiest. Pick the color of tonal framework, which most closely replicates your natural skin color. Never attempt by a tone change your complexion, for that there are other methods: whitening procedures, or vice versa, or avtobronzaty natural tan. And only after a changed your natural complexion - Pick up a new tone.

• If you do not like your natural complexion, get a good serum. For example, after the appearance of serum Orlane, it began to use professional makeup artists at the shows (though it was originally intended as an anti-aging agent). It gives an immediate effect of improving the complexion, as activates blood circulation and relieves sluggish and stale complexion. Have similar product on hand, it can be useful in case of emergency: such as the morning after a party or a sleepless night over the crib of the baby.

• In general, ordinary woman, as a rule, is enough to have two different shades of concealer. One - for the summer time, when the skin is slightly darker from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and the second - for the winter, when the skin is noticeably lighter.

• If your natural complexion - red, avoid shades of pink tones, better to choose a yellow or greenish hues. Moisturizer is also not very good at the reddish complexion, use it during the day is not necessary.

 Your new foundation: what to choose, how to apply, and that it can hide
   • One of the mistakes in the choice of colors from which you need to get rid of - to try the color on hand. It is an absolute fallacy! So you will never find the right shade. Color, hands and skin - completely different, as a rule, the color of the hands of a man is always darker and more yellow. The best place to test - jawline.

• Many makeup artists advise not to throw away or tone concealer that you do not come in color. Of course, it would be the most ideal means to buy in places where you can get advice professional makeup artist or try the tone before you buy it. But if you still error occurred? First, the sample having the wrong tone - it is easier to come with him to the store and choose something other than the slop. And secondly, one of the famous make-up artists as offers come with failed shopping: mix several colors in order to get, perhaps, right. The chance is small, but interesting experiment.


 Your new foundation: what to choose, how to apply, and that it can hide
   • It is better to choose a light transparent and translucent texture. Too heavy and opaque formulations suitable not for everyone. The best formula - is creams with moisturizing effect, look for them. Virtually all the world's brands have jumped on these foundations.

• For oily skin, choose a matte tone means. For dry skin - more suitable creams with moisturizing formula.

Make-up tips: how and what to apply foundation:

How to apply

• Avoid covering the tonal foundation all over the face. Very few people need it. Most enough to cause the tone only where there is an uneven complexion: this is usually the area around the nose, chin, cheeks sometimes. When you apply the tone for the entire face - the effect of "mask" can not be avoided!

• Imposing tone, always start from the center of the face to the neck. The only way you will avoid the border, which can show where there is a tone, and where - it is not.

• If your foundation seems too bold, use blotting paper. Before applying powder, a little better to get wet remnants tone to avoid the effect of "mask" and the more the tone of facial peel.

Sponge, brush or fingers?

 Your new foundation: what to choose, how to apply, and that it can hide
   • In fact, there is no universal advice. Much depends on your personal preferences and feelings. Some professional makeup artists prefer to brush with flexible bristles, because they can fill in all corners of the foundation, cracks and pores on the face. If you want to try to use a brush, do this: put a little money on the back of his hand, Macao tool brush and distribute tone lightly. I must say that natural squirrel brushes are soft enough for this purpose, you need resilient weasel or modern synthetics.

• Other makeup artists believe that the most versatile tool have been and remain the fingers. Here, too, there is a truth. Firstly, the means by which the make-up warmed that helps him to better dissolve in the skin. A second argument - that's what disagree, for example, many sculptors deliberately refuse to work in the stacks. Human finger - really unparalleled tool, but they are able to catch the slightest differences of relief, humidity, etc.

• Sponge - also suitable thing is to create the perfect tone. Its advantage is that it can be an ideal shade and cover once the largest area.

Bronzer and concealers:

Bronzer . Do not be afraid of tonal products with the effect of sunburn. Just take a broad brush and go over all the places on the face, which might fall sun's rays: the forehead, cheeks and nose. Bronzer powder is also better not to put on the whole face. Use it as a means to refresh the complexion, and not as a tool for "painting" your natural color.

Concealers   (proofreaders) - it means not just the person for their main area of ​​application - under the eyes and nose and chin - a place to "work" a tonal framework. If you have dry skin, then before applying concealer should be required to apply moisturizer. Only use specially intended for this area of ​​the face, the other moisturizers are too heavy for this delicate skin.

Hides the flaws and irregularities:

• Often, you want to align your skin before applying foundation. To do this, you need to have special alignment tools that are ideal for use before the main meykapom. They are especially useful for oily skin, such soils do not contain oil and a ground dull skin. This is very helpful in the further application of tone. In addition, these agents like wrinkles and pores are filled.

 Your new foundation: what to choose, how to apply, and that it can hide
   • In dark skin tone sometimes becomes ashen. To deal with it - use a day cream brightens skin. Also, use masking agents to the skin above the upper lip where the skin is smuglyanok usually even darker.

• Visual tools help lighten the skin with glow effect. Gold particles and reflected light through them add flicker and make your skin noticeably lighter.

• If you buy a concealer in order to cope with the dark circles under the eyes, then be guided by the color yellow (preferably lemon) or peach shade.

Oily skin

• Professional makeup artists advise not to be afraid of some of the luster that has oily skin. It is believed that it looks quite natural, many even like some glitter on her face, and they did seek additional funds, giving luster and shine. Besides, on oily skin is less wrinkles and cracks!

• But if you still think this is a problem, choose funds to oil-free basis, matting tonic preparations, keep blotting tissues are constantly in their purse. Powder with the use sparingly, only on the nose and chin.
Author: Julia Gnedina