How to look beautiful without makeup
 In the summer, especially on holiday or on the nature, the last thing I want to do makeup. Even those women who claim that never go out without meykapa - even on hot days, they are trying to do a minimum of cosmetics or even dare to "naked" face.

Supporters of makeup, of course, argue that it makes us more confident and helps to express themselves. It's like that. But there are days when we do not need. Rest - a vacation from everything, including from their own principles and generally accepted rules.

However, lack of make-up does not mean lack of care. How to look beautiful without makeup? What skin care will be enough to safely demonstrate their natural beauty?

1. Take care of moistening the skin from the inside.   After all, the modern means of cosmetics have moisturizing properties (eg, BB cream or lip balm) and exit without make-up, we deprive ourselves of such exposure. To fill in lost fluid is necessary to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day (teas and juices do not count!), And provide yourself a long sleep (at least 7-8 hours a day). Sleep and water will make your skin glowing and get rid of toxins (which will return the skin a natural shade).

 How to look beautiful without makeup

2. Cosmetics under lock and key, but no sunscreen!   Protect your skin every day, to get this moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF record is not less than 30, if you leave in the sun, an SPF of 15, and if you are in the room.

3. Follow the three-phase care guidelines O-T-U   (cleansing, toning, moisturizing), at least twice a day, without fail.

4. Try natural cleaning products They are best suited for the time when the skin does not get pieces of decorative cosmetics. The simplest natural cleanser: honey + olive oil + a few drops of lemon juice. Such means clears, evens skin tone, moisturizes and makes the skin glowing. If you add a little more lemon - you can remove the tan.

 How to look beautiful without makeup

5. exfoliate your skin at least 2 times a week.   This will improve the condition of the skin, making it healthy and vibrant, it's important that you do not use foundation. Exfoliating masks better soft scrub. When it comes to summer - something no fruit acid peels, because they make the skin very sensitive to sunlight.

6. eyelashes without mascara, but lush and bright!   How can this be achieved without makeup? Try curling tongs cilia before you leave home. Will open your eyes It will make them big and rested. A sheen and darker eyelashes give vaseline or castor oil.

7. Do not touch the face with his hands.   This rule is always important. But especially in the absence of makeup. After all, the person is not protected, and always at the hands of a lot of germs. Before you touch the face, wash your hands with soap and water, or pimples or irritation can not be avoided, and it is more likely refers to the period of hot and humid weather.

8. Eyebrows - an important step in the philosophy of makeup-free.   We are not going to paint them, but they need to arrange. The form that is best decorated with the face - it is usually only slightly correct bodily form. It should only ensure that the lower edge of the brow was smooth as possible, you need to pull out the hairs beaten out from the bottom to form a straight line, arc. But the upper limit of the eyebrows can be beaten out with hairs.

 How to look beautiful without makeup

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9. The hairstyle has to be perfect.   In order not to be a girl who had just woken up in the absence of makeup should be well-groomed hair. Hairstyle increase self-confidence, you will look stylish even without makeup.

10. A good smell can even replace the iconic red lipstick.   Indeed, the fragrance imparts a subtle fashion style. And it does not compensate up eyes.

11. Half-measures.   Let's say you have not yet decided on a completely "naked" face. Then you offer an interim solution. Such polumakiyazh may consist of only two funds - BB cream and lip gloss. But do not forget that a minimum of makeup, wash them every day before going to bed. Because even a thin layer of toner means clog pores and provokes irritation.

12. Down with dry lips!   Returning to the makeup-free. Dry and scaly lips will be given a lack of makeup. In contrast, the wet and shelled will create the illusion of lipstick nude. Before you leave home, apply a thick layer on lips Vaseline and a massage lips with a soft toothbrush. Remove excess Vaseline cloth. Your lips are full-day smooth and soft.

 How to look beautiful without makeup

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13. Eat a healthy diet.   This product, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they will nourish and protect the skin. For example, vitamin A to the skin - a well-known anti-aging agent, a lot of it is contained in almonds. Vitamin C is also an ingredient must-have for the skin, it goes to the skin of citrus.

14. Good circulation - it is always a good complexion.   For this purpose at least 30 minutes a day dedicate physical activity. It does not have to be a gym. Brisk walking, exercises for arms and legs, stretching - enough pleasure. If blush on the cheeks disappears - a little pinched cheek or pat with fingertips - and you will have a fresh new look again after the light jogging.

15. Smile!   Smile paint any woman as much as the most expensive cosmetics! Only need to watch out for white teeth. Brush your teeth a pinch of baking soda, coupled with salt and vinegar - is a rapid way to remove stains from tooth enamel at home.

 How to look beautiful without makeup

Of course, it should continue to think about your style to think of clothes, pick up accessories that decorate and add confidence.

Try a few days a year to stay with natural beauties! Did you like it and help other days more delicate to use decorative cosmetics.
Author: Tamara