Humidification - a pledge of good health of our skin
 Autumn. The Earth is resting from the heat, moisture and nourishes itself, enjoying the way it needs rain. Nature is intelligent and lives by its own laws. Let us and we will take an example from it, because in the fall, our skin requires very careful care. After excessive exposure to sun, wind, dry air as often as possible, we need to pamper yourself moisturizer. The good - the range is diverse, and we have what to choose for myself. This cream, and special wetting agents, and various emulsions, lotions, tonics. The main purpose of these products - to maintain the water balance of the skin by forming a protective film which retards evaporation, increases firmness and elasticity.

What is so special moisturizers?

  The composition of moisturizer should include substances such as fire hydrants. This active skin moisturizers. One of the active ingredients is the strongest hyaluronic acid . It is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and saturate it with life-giving moisture.

It is important to have the cream of the most valuable cosmetic ingredients like vitamins A and E . They contribute to the rapid regeneration of skin cells and improve blood circulation. Vitamin E is an antioxidant activity. It neutralizes free radicals, protects the skin collagen fibers from degradation, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, actively moisturizes and protects the skin from exposure to UV radiation.

Several as effective as hyaluronic acid Chitosan   - A substance derived from the shells of crustacean chitin. But his value to the dampening mechanism of the beauty of our skin.

Remarkably, if the moisturizer contains sorbitol   - It is one of the most soft and delicate humidifiers group of sugars. According to the mechanism of action it is similar to amino acids. It forms a very comfortable soft film, which contributes to long-term retention of moisture in the stratum corneum.

Many creams can be found pantotenolovuyu acid   vitamin C. In preparations for skin care it provides additional moisture penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin and hold moisture there.

Moisture-retaining effect has glycerin, (but lately from him almost completely abandoned, since by brief contact with the skin it has a moisturizing effect, but then - on the contrary, aggravates it dry by pulling moisture) and low molecular weight substances such as amino acids , peptides, organic acids, glucosamine, creatinine, inorganic ions.

Remarkably, if moisturizers contain natural oils or waxes.

  So Shea cleans, softens, moisturizes and nourishes with vitamins A, E and F, helps prevent premature aging of the skin, showing regenerating properties on the synthesis of collagen and soothes irritation and is an excellent UV filter.

Shea butter It protects the skin from moisture loss and protects it from external factors. These effects are explained high content necessary for the skin of fatty acids, vitamins, and trace elements.

Aloe   - Known moisturizer - improves circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves irritation, stimulates regeneration of skin cells. Aloe vera increases the rate of cell renewal in 6-8 times, removes dead cells, nourishes dry skin and moisture penetrates deep into its layers.

  The presence of such oils as peach kernel, apricot kernel, almond oil, jojoba oil, beeswax - only improves a moisturizing effect.

The moisture needs of any type of skin: how oily or dry.

When dryness very good to use a moisturizer, which included present extracts of rose petals and wheat germ, vitamin E. Once a week you need to nourish dry skin mask of fatty dairy products: cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, cream of yogurt. But from the steam bath is better to give, and to give preference to rinse the face with cool water with milk or mineral water.

For oily   Skin should be applied lean, light creams, gels and emulsions. A steam bath will be very helpful.

What do we offer manufacturers of cosmetic industry for moisturizing skin care?

Laboratories   VICHY   range of established moisturizers "Thermal C" fixing moisture for 24 hours. All products of this range include serine - substance present in the skin and water holding capacity. The uniqueness of the funds "Thermal C" is that they do not just nourish the skin with water, but also trigger the natural cycle of moisture. Rich rare combination of minerals - Vichy Thermal Spa Water is able to capture the moisture within the skin and intercellular space.

 Humidification - a pledge of good health of our skin
 Gamma HYDRAPHASE specially designed pharmaceutical laboratory "La Roche-Posay"   for moisturizing sensitive, dehydrated skin. Intense long humidifying ensured by the formula with a high concentration of thermal water "La-Roche Posay" (softening), glycerol (wetting) and hyaluronic acid sodium salt (fixing moisture). Compensation for the required level of water in the epidermis is due to restore the protective lipid film.

  Cosmetic line "La Roche-Posay" created a moisturizing and reducing agents "LIPIKAR". Due to the unique composition of mineral salts and trace elements, especially high concentrations of selenium, thermal water from the spring La Roche-Posay is a natural antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Well it enriches the skin lipids.

Production of French dermatology lab "Djukre" (DUCRAY) for daily care offers A-Derma Soothing Cream. It contains the exceptional qualities of the unique natural active ingredient - extract of oat varieties Realba. It is exceptionally rich in emollient, protective components, lipids, trace elements, antioxidants. And is almost true natural elixir that soothes the skin and strengthens its protective properties.

Natural Italian Cosmetics Dr. Taffi  Humidification - a pledge of good health of our skin
 successfully uses active herbal ingredients including avocado oil, shea butter, wheat germ oil, acacia honey, vegetable glycerin, malva sylvestris, Ratanov extracts of mallow, yarrow, marshmallow, aloe, needles cypress, tarragon, Juniper, guaiac wood, Rosewood, mace, frankincense and sandalwood. Thanks to moisturizing and softening properties of the active ingredients, the epidermal cells are saturated with essential nutrients.

Means the french kosmetieskoy line from the laboratory "Biorga contain Thermal water Uriage,   which, due to high content of trace elements and mineral salts, is actively involved in the process of moisturizing and soothing the skin. And the substance as  Humidification - a pledge of good health of our skin
 Gidratubulin ensures optimal water penetration into the skin and keeps it permanently in the cells. Using extracts of algae increases resistance to harmful environmental influences.

Cosmetics Series "CREOM La Starta" include  Humidification - a pledge of good health of our skin
   hydrating body emulsion with a bioactive cell complex and a moisturizing mask with seaweed with a bioactive cell complex for different skin types. They contain a high concentration of specially designed CREOM Laboratory multivariate moisturizing complex, which consists of natural ingredients and has a high penetration into the deeper layers of skin.

Concentrated promises intense hydration to your skin Bio-cream for facial moisturizer "Wild Rose" and bio-moisturizing mask on bio-oils of wild rose and jojoba from Lavera.

Vegetable moisturizing factors and hyaluronic acid for a long time retain moisture in the cells and oespechivayut person relaxation and recreation. Identical skin itself, lipids, sterols obtained from plant Liposomes interact with cells and positively affect the recovery process. Oil wild rose protects the surface of the skin; vitamin E, jojoba care about the well-kept and a smooth face.

Of great interest is "HIRUDO DERM" - a series of cosmetic products containing the extract of the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis officinalis.   The line of "HD EXTRA-DRY"   designed for dry and dehydrated skin. Manufacturers say that the use of these products contributes to normalization of dry, dehydrated skin: it soothes, reduces redness and peeling, restores the protective properties. The extract of the medicinal leech improves microcirculation and enhances the effect of other components of the complex, which includes a betaine, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, lime blossom extract and vitamins E and F. These components are saturated with moisture the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin's ability to effectively increase its hold, make up for the deficit of lipids and reduce the evaporation of moisture from the surface. Natural fatty acids have excellent nourishing and softening effect.

Make it a rule to moisturize the skin morning and evening after cleansing and toning.

Do not forget that we are always at hand there are wonderful for our skin moisturizers.

Simple masks of milk and honey, peaches, bananas, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant will help us to look very dignified. Use the bounty of autumn - and you certainly will be satisfied.

Let us not forget that the water for our skin - it's not just beauty. This - her life.
Author: Hope Prushinskiy