Teeth feast for the eyes!
 You are looking for a smile that could light up a room? Did you know that flossing will prolong your life for 7 years? Every time you use a toothbrush, you not only fight with germs, but with deadly diseases, such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Short-mouth as a whole leads to premature birth and the birth of premature babies - it happens in one out of eight cases, but can be deadly for the mother and for the baby.

Danger signs:

Gums bleed much
Pale gums
Pain in the teeth or gums
The emergence of tartar
The teeth are cut longer than ever before
Sores in the mouth and the teeth

Access to the body

  The mouth is one of the main areas of access to your body. Such serious problems like food poisoning, diabetes, and HIV / AIDS are showing the first signs of it in the oral part.

Experts of the American Dental Association, the American Heart Association, the Center for Disease Control and Protection and the National Institutes of Health advised the same thing, and mother to their children: Brush your teeth in the morning, after every meal and at bedtime. These actions will reduce to some extent the risk of heart attack, diabetes, and help you control protection against infection to your unborn child.

You've heard the term gingivitis on TV - now practically everyone the advertised product to protect your mouth. Gingivitis occurs because bacteria that damages the gums and lead to the formation of tartar. Plaque is formed by mixing the bacteria with saliva. Researchers are now looking for the relationship between this bacterium and arousal disorders in the body, especially diseases of the arteries. If you have plaque, then you should have problems with the arteries. Now studies show that plaque increases the risk of heart attack. Also, people with gum disease are at increased risk of a heart attack.


  Avoid foods with bad odor.   Garlic and onions cause bad breath, but it is correct products such as cheese, orange juice, some soft drinks.

Clean, clean and clean again.   Food is rotting in the mouth under the action of certain bacteria. Keep a small brush and brush your teeth after eating.

  Rinse with fluoride   kills bacteria and prevents plaque, it will help you monitor the status of the oral cavity.

Kushayete nutritionally and often.   Diets lead to bad breath.

Maintain the water balance.   Dryness in the mouth leads to bad breath because the saliva does not wet the oral cavity and destroys bacteria.

Watch a specialist.   You may need help in controlling dental gums. Constant bad breath is an indication of serious problems with the oral cavity or the kidneys.

If you have diabetes, you have a propensity for diseases of the oral cavity, which can manifest itself in different ways in the body. People with diabetes are at risk of periodontal disease and other diseases of the oral cavity. Studies show that gum disease reduces the effectiveness of the treatment of diabetes (lowering blood sugar levels), as increase the level of sugar in the saliva. Diabetes is the cause of dry mouth, and aphthous stomatitis.

Brushing teeth - a good habit

  To achieve oral health very easily. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride, use dental floss to prevent plaque, eat balanced and make the intervals between meals, ask for help to the dentist to do a professional cleaning of the teeth and mouth at least once a year - it is advised to experts of the American Dental Association.

  Here are some safe and effective ways to get an exquisite smile. Teeth whitening does not make your mouth healthier, but it will help to purchase a brilliant smile. Your dentist will advise you several ways to bleach that will help you get the shade 5 shades whiter than yours. Various laser equipment will also help to achieve results in bleaching.

Whitening toothpastes polish teeth and can achieve their whiteness for a while.

And finally, remember - Visit your dentist at least once a year will allow you to maintain the health of the mouth, teeth and gums.
Author: JSS