All of sunburn
 Sun. For centuries, people worshiped and considered sacred luminary. No less was the belief that it gives not only the heat, but also health. And so it is, if not one "but." Each year the environmental situation on the planet is deteriorating, and this, in turn, affects our main defender against excessive solar activity - the ozone layer of the earth. That is why more and more doctors are not only recommended, but also warn against hobbies tan. What about those who can not give up the belief that beautiful skin - a tanned skin?

Well, firstly, full tanning process has not been canceled. In small doses, exposure to the sun brings a lot of positive effects:   it increases the body's resistance to colds and pathogenic bacteria, a positive effect on the work of almost all the vital systems of the body compensates for the deficiency of vitamin D, and thus improves the digestibility of such an important trace elements such as calcium. To ensure the safety of sun tanning is considered mandatory use of sunscreen, especially for children. Sun exposure may help to resolve some problems with the skin: reduce its inflammation and acne. But at the same time, and it carries a terrible destructive force when irresponsible and irrepressible enthusiasm excessive sunburn. Frequent sunburns can lead to such terrible diseases such as skin cancer. Sun exposure is contraindicated for people suffering from various disorders of the cardiovascular, endocrine system, especially the thyroid gland diseases. You also need to avoid the sun during the progression of any disease. People who have any chronic diseases, it is better before you go on vacation, go consult a doctor.

People with very fair skin, before heading to the sea, where the action of sunlight intensifies the sea air and water, it is recommended to undergo a series of sessions tanning, which will help prevent burns and prepare the skin to look forward to its testing.

Should we completely replace the tan stay in the solarium and it is safe?
  There are two views of this problem .  On the one hand, a solarium is perfect for those who want to sunbathe, but has a number of contraindications to sun exposure .  Also, some experts believe that the tanning equipment is designed so that the most harmful and aggressive spectrum of sunlight on the skin is not valid .  And you get a nice tan, and, at a cost of a minimum of time .  The biggest problem Solarium - rapid dehydration of the skin during the sessions and, as a result, its aging .  But it can be solved using special cosmetics designed for intensive moisturizing and protecting the skin during treatments in the solarium .  Another point of view is shared by a part of dermatologists and other physicians who believe that tanning in a solarium - a first step towards the emergence of cancer .  At the moment the situation is such that few customers tanning Sun anticipates this kind of comprehensive examination and consultation with a doctor .  And it is fraught with the fact that, for example, undetected diseases of the pelvic organs or the breasts, could be promoted in the tanning .  But this warning does not stop everyone, and groupies solarium is growing .  In order to minimize the possible negative consequences of such procedures must first be examined by at least a physician, preferably a gynecologist, endocrinologist and mammalogy .  Strictly follow the recommended duration of the session and the number depending on your skin type .  During the procedure, be sure to protect your eyes specially designed glasses .  During the whole session to protect the breast from the effects of UV - rays sunbathing in underwear or bathing suit, use special protective stickers breast .  And keep in mind the large number of contraindications: skin diseases, cancer, pregnancy, diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system, urinary system, endocrine system, digestive diseases, circulatory organs, some medications, etc. .

As an alternative to sun and solarium, experts suggest using a special tool for tanning - tanning.   It is particularly indicated for those who are allergic to any ultraviolet radiation, whether tan on the beach or a solarium. The most important advantages of tanning - its versatility, safety and absence of contraindications. Cons - albeit short-lived, and rare, but there's the possibility of allergic reactions; the need for a preliminary exfoliating the skin of the body. Before applying the tanning process is a manual process that entailed uneven coloring. Now salons use special nozzles that allow cause tanning evenly.

Go seriously to the choice of a method for producing a beautiful tan, follow the recommendations of experts - and you'll not only look great, but also to enjoy good health.
Author: Natalia Biatova