Autumn time - time to recuperate!
 "The summer is over! "- Sung in the famous song. Rested and refreshed, we excitedly begin the implementation of new business projects, dipped in home care and ... I was surprised to find that selling carelessness not been in vain: the hair look dull, flaky skin, and his face appeared out of the blue spots. All! It's time to take urgent himself and restore their faded beauty and failing health!

Exotic dishes abound offers friendly cafes and restaurants for tourists, holiday-makers - a wonderful thing. The reason is clear: where you can still taste the real paella, daminchzhou or hoist is not on the "homeland" of these dishes? It turns out that the true gourmets pass by ethnic heritage of a country is simply impossible! But the unusual combination of flavors, and do strange foods can provoke such a common ailment as traveler's diarrhea.

And it seems to deal with it simply by symptomatic treatment, but even after the release of a no-no, yes and show frustration. And then there's the face appeared some pimples ... The fact that unfamiliar culinary delights can cause intestinal dysbiosis, manifestations of which are not only digestive disorders and bad breath, skin rashes, and brittle nails.

 Autumn time - time to recuperate!
   And with all the "joy" it would be impossible to say goodbye as long as you do not restore the intestinal flora! And it will have to spend on the course of natural products with a complex of beneficial bacteria, such as for example, Linex. But as soon as the bacterial balance in the gut to normal, all the unpleasant symptoms of dysbiosis immediately disappear.

Dry, damaged, sections, brittle, lifeless, weak - this series of adjectives describing the condition of the hair after a rest in the hot coast, you can continue almost indefinitely. After all, in direct sunlight, salt water, and "Plant" chlorinated pools is not the best way affects the health and appearance of the strands. And if the hair also were painted, they are put in order will require you serious effort, which is like the barber shop is not exactly be limited. Prepare in the right proportions to mix broth rinse hair cast over the mask recipes of traditional medicine ...

 Autumn time - time to recuperate!
   Although now there is a more simple solution! For example, the integrated use of shampoo and instant mask for colored hair Color Crystal Gloss from NIVEA will allow only a few minutes to achieve the desired result - to restore the damaged strands, giving them incredible softness and smoothness and also provide hair bright, saturated color within six weeks. So you can choose for your hair other epithets - shiny, silky, luxurious, sensual, delicious ...

Immediately after the release of the skin looks very attractive - tanned, smooth and perfectly flat. But after a while all the hidden flaws begin to appear tan, exacerbating problems such as peeling, exacerbation of acne, age spots or wrinkles. The fact that higher doses of UV dried epidermis and trigger processes of photoaging - early aging of skin. And it will agree, lovely ladies completely useless! So if you for some reason you forget to take a trip to the selling safety equipment, autumn - the best time to pay special attention to their skin.

 Autumn time - time to recuperate!
   Take care of her tenderness can help Moisturizing Lotion from NIVEA, which is due to sea minerals, moisturizing ingredients and vitamin E supports the natural moisture level of the skin and prevents further moisture loss .  Thanks to light texture means almost instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy, it's so convenient, especially for those who do not have to devote much time to care for yourself .  But to put in order the person to help gentle moisturizer Beautiful Skin with mango and milk proteins from the NIVEA Cashmere .  This tool is remarkable in that intensely nourishes the skin with moisture and nourishes it, and evens the complexion without foundation! The secret lies in the means of special light-reflecting particles that visually hide small defects of the skin, evens the complexion and transforms, creating the effect of a fresh and relaxed skin .  So worry more about his little face is not necessary - it re-lit their health and beauty captivates others!

Emotional comfort
And finally, it is necessary to put in order their emotions. It is surprising, but sometimes it is very hard to leave after a log in a dynamic rhythm and normally perceive "trash" of the situation at work and at home. The fact is that during the holiday accustomed to the conditions of life measured body perceives any stimulus as a serious stress, as a result we become irritable, quick-tempered and overly nervous. Pleasant enough, but in this case there is a way out!

 Autumn time - time to recuperate!
   Help bedtime relaxation baths, relaxing massage, regular exercise eastern practices and the use of natural sedatives plant-based. For example, drink a course of the preparation of the Persians, whose action is based on the healing properties of extracts of valerian, lemon balm and peppermint, to perceive a busy work schedule and family misunderstanding becomes much easier.

As they say, from the bow to the tail! Autumn time obviously went in your favor! Now you're back at the height - a delightfully beautiful and impassive. And it is this should be a real modern woman ...
Author: Julia Gnedina