"Blooming" is not happy, and how to fight it
 The change of seasons - it is an exacerbation of many skin diseases, particularly affected in this sense problematic oily skin type. So annoying when it is in the fertile time of the renewal of nature, flowering and fragrance on the skin appear as a kind of "flowers." Pimples, acne, black spots - all these phenomena are of the same order, the reason for their appearance are basically violation of the sebaceous glands and the obstruction of their ducts.

The horny skin cells that normally die and regularly updated, no longer normal to peel, together with sebum to form a kind of "stopper" in the sebaceous glands - comedo. Then the inflamed tissue around the comedo, blush, appear inflammatory elements in the form of papules (red pimples) and pustules (pustules).

The term "acne» («άκμή»), which is used for the name of the disease is "the culmination of the rupture of the skin." If the inflammation does not stop at an early stage, there may be more serious problems - abscesses, cysts, scars, etc.

Why is this happening
The reasons for acne can be a lot: it's the wrong skin care, and hormonal disorders, allergic reactions, loss demodex, metabolic disorders, error in nutrition, gastrointestinal disease, and others. Also important and hereditary factors.

Why spring there is an exacerbation?
Oily skin, which has served us so well protected from the drying effects of wind and frost, highlighting a record amount of grease in the changed weather conditions, under the influence of heat and humidity requires a special approach. For it is easy to stick dust in her breed pathogens sebum clog pores and create conditions for the inflammation. If you just do not take into account these features in the care ha skin, but corrected the spring schedule of preventive procedures, the problems will not be slow to appear with the first hot sun.

 "Blooming" is not happy, and how to fight it
   There are other factors. During this period, not only warms the sun, although it contributes to the cause of acute skin problems (comedogenic effect of sunlight proven by numerous studies), but also a change of the body's biological rhythms. Changing the activity of digestive enzymes that threatens exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal disorders, the immune system of the organism decreases and the skin and in particular due to the lack of vitamins, and because of the UV radiation, changing weather conditions, etc.

In general, during this period of change we live in conditions of stress, and it can not affect the skin, and certain of its addiction can lead to a "flourishing" acne. It is known that at stress in the blood content of androgens (male sex hormones) which stimulate the secretion of sebum.

His contribution to the decoration of the skin unnecessary "flowers" can make and cosmetics. From the tone means, lipstick, powder, sebum and dirt is not that the most useful cocktail. It can cause acne, abscesses, inflammation and other "beauty". Especially some of the components of cosmetic products themselves have comedogenic properties.

It is believed that acne on the skin can also occur because of the abuse of such products as cheese, coffee, chocolate, other sweets, - scientific research, these data have not been confirmed, but, nevertheless, to observe some caution should be. It is believed that a diet high in carbohydrates can also cause acne as excess carbohydrates increases the synthesis of fatty acids, including those that comprise sebum.

The cause of acne can be stomach diseases and disorders in the pancreas, gall bladder and intestines of various departments. The appearance of acne on the chin may be associated with disturbances in the digestive and endocrine system

Methods for preventing and combating
Some causes of acne can not be eliminated independently, but there are reasons that depend only on us, for example, hygiene person. Therefore it is very important to carefully clean the skin every day at home: In the morning washing, rub the face lotion reduces pores, evening makeup removal and cleansing of clogged pores.

As the prevention of acne helpful Regular face cleansing and peeling. They help to remove dead, open the pores, to withdraw from the skin toxins, accelerate the penetration of oxygen into the body, stimulating blood circulation. However, if the inflammation on the skin have appeared, making cleaning and use the scrub is not necessary.

The safest and effective methods of prevention and treatment of acne offers folk cosmetology. If you use them regularly, in uncomplicated cases, you can expect a noticeable positive effect.

As folk wisdom advises us?
- Good morning in the morning wipe the face with ice from the broth of a camomile.

- The water for washing, you can add a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

- Lotions based on aloe, calendula, viburnum juice effective for the treatment and prevention of acne.

- Infusions treatment has an antiseptic effect (chamomile, tarragon, sage, etc.) Can be used as a lotion.

- Essential oils of fir, tea tree, juniper have good antiseptic properties. These oils are applied dot, it is the place of defeat

 "Blooming" is not happy, and how to fight it
 - Excellent preventive and therapeutic agent - the mask of blue, green and gray clay.

Current news
Modern cosmetology offers a huge variety of vehicles (lotions, gels, creams, etc.) To combat acne and prevent their occurrence. But keep in mind that there is no perfect product, if one is perfect one agent to another will completely different means. Everything is very individual! But, nevertheless, a number of drugs can still distinguish, e.g.

 "Blooming" is not happy, and how to fight it
 - Clean skin cosmetics line assets from GARNIER, in this line also includes cleansers (scrub, shower gel, cleansing gel with a brush, tonic) and care products (cream, acne roller 2 to 1, the cooling roll):

- For prevention of acne and to improve the appearance of the skin can be used special cosmetics to narrow pores. For example, concealer, tightens pores Pore Minimizer Instant Perfecto from Clinique - fat-free gel, tightens pores and hides.

 "Blooming" is not happy, and how to fight it
 - Products from NIVEA for young problem skin - tonic Stay clear, peeling gel Clean deeper from NIVEA Visage Young, matting cream-gel Control Shine from NIVEA Visage Young and pencil NIVEA Visage Young.

- Well proven patches of acne Extraplast. They allow the use of only one to significantly reduce the inflammation and redness of the stay and prevent scar formation. Hydrocolloid material of the adhesive is made, special forms a gel medium which neutralizes inflammation. Thin polyurethane prevents penetration of bacteria to the inflamed site and at the same time makes the patch virtually invisible on the skin, so it can be used not only at night but during the day.

Repeatedly strengthen home treatment of acne is possible by means of modern technology - laser treatment of acne, and chemical peels. Incidentally, these procedures can be combined, which is advantageous in terms of saving time and for improving the efficacy and tolerability of laser therapy for acne. This is due to the fact that after chemical exfoliation occurs slight numbness of the skin, which provides a natural effect of anesthesia, and deletion of old horny cells by peeling enhances the penetration of therapeutic laser light into the skin!

If all else fails ...
If you get rid of acne is not possible either with the help of folk remedies or with the help of specialized cosmetics, you need to consult a dermatologist, who, if necessary, connect, and other professionals. After all, the correct diagnosis - is the main condition for determining the correct strategy and tactics of the struggle for clean skin. The activity of the sebaceous glands may vary in many diseases, including endocrine system: pituitary, adrenal glands, gynecological diseases. Only a professional doctor can prescribe the necessary tests, an accurate diagnosis, provide the necessary guidance and to appoint effective treatment.

What should never do
For whatever reason, did not arise acne rash on the skin, there are some rules that you need to perform in order not to cause acne and not aggravate the problem if it has already occurred:

- Do not touch the skin with dirty hands - a common cause of pimples on your face!

- Never go to bed with makeup on his face!

- Under no circumstances should not squeeze pimples on the face! There is a possibility that the inflammatory process will only increase by extrusion, and in the end, after the healing of the scar will remain. In addition, you can provoke an even greater spread of acne. Manual cleaning, if you need it, leave it to professionals!

- Do not use the scrub and do cleaning of the face if the skin has inflamed acne elements.

Treat your skin gently and carefully, because her condition is your business card, because proper care of it is important, especially problem skin care, and especially during the change of climate, weather and more!
Author: Olga Travleeva