Bright, juicy, tender ...... ..
 Those lips - just a rose, which gentle honey
... Alisher Navoi

Delicate velvet lips - one of the highlights of female attractiveness. In lip care has a lot of subtle nuances, as their delicate, vulnerable skin is characterized by high sensitivity and requires careful, attentive attitude.

  Lips affected by temperature changes: cold or heat, they spoil the wind, dust, poor-quality cosmetics, vitamin deficiencies. From all of these stimuli, they crack, discolor and become rough. Currently, skin care lips huge amount - it salves, creams, peelings and, of course, lipstick, hygienic and decorative. In the spring, is preferable to use satin moisturizing lipstick. They are tinted and soften lips, helping to transfer the wind, dust and heat, withering skin. Features of this lipstick oblige clearly comply with all the rules of make-up lips: first - a gentle exfoliation, then - the bypass circuit, and then already - the very lipstick. It is suitable to all, regardless of age, eye and hair color, shape of lips. She has only one drawback - Moisturizing Lipstick leaves traces, disappeared from the lips rather quickly.

Nourishing lipstick is considered to be a necessary companion of winter cold.   Their oily base protects the lips. However, waxes and fats such lipsticks are useful and cold spring, and even unstable summer weather when the heat of the day gives way to cool evenings. Before applying lipstick useful cover lip moisturizing balm. Among the shortcomings - not too comfortable on the lips, can create the effect of "flat" lips. Owners of such thin lips lipstick is not very suitable.

Latest lipstick and moisturize and nourish the skin of the lips at the same time. Top makeup artists say: a new generation of lipsticks do not go to any comparison with those that were considered revolutionary a few years ago.   The lightest texture compete in resistance, deep color creates a very thin layer .  But, after all, the basis of the lipstick is the same as 100 years ago - is beeswax .  It is responsible for the consistency: it links all components into a homogeneous mass, facilitates the formation of the rod .  To lipstick turned dull, does not spread and are not melted, it added kandellilsky and carnauba wax .  Because of carnauba wax (it is extracted from palm leaves), lipstick smeared on her lips, even in hot weather .  Kandellilsky wax (it is made from cactus), gives shine lipstick resistant saturated color .  Wax Rose has a very pleasant smell, lipstick and gives anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties .  Another important ingredient - lanolin, a natural oil, belongs to many cream .  He is responsible for softening and moisturizing properties of lipstick .  With its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin it is the "messenger" of nutrients to the young cells .  Vitamins A and E, vegetable extracts (e.g., aloe vera), UV filters, natural oils (castor, corn, wheat, cacao butter - all these additives moisturize, nourish, protect lips against harmful external influences . 

There is, so-called resistant lipstick, it is well kept up to 8-12 hours, leaving no traces on clothing, cheeks, hands, glasses. Her secret: color pigments associated it with esters, which disappear in a few minutes after application, leaving only bright color film. Moreover, the pigments are not simply remain on the surface, but also penetrate into the upper layers of the skin. Despite the ease of use, These lipsticks are a significant disadvantage - they dry and discolour lips. In any case, it is not necessary to apply a lipstick every day. They Categorically contraindicated for women with dry lips.

  And, behold, lip gloss, though somewhat lost its popularity in recent years, very useful: the share of oil in it much more than a lipstick, a dye is less, due to this, it better protects the lips from harmful sun rays and environment medium. The most appropriate time of year to shine - the summer, the only drawback - it is quite unstable - you often make updates.

Quite often in recent years to make the lips more vivid, visually increase their volume of resorting to permanent makeup or tattooing of lips. Tattooing It gives a good aesthetic result - but, of course, this procedure injures lips.

The main danger tattoo - the appearance of herpes on the lips.   The herpes virus is in a latent form in 80% of the population begins to be activated at an elevated temperature, for example, cold, heat shock or trauma lips, which include tattoo. Then the spot turns into a blister, which is covered with ugly and itchy crust. Therefore, women who are often on the lips of "jumps" herpes, it is not necessary to do this procedure, or you must first undergo a course of antiviral treatment for herpes.

The skin of the lips is extremely delicate and vulnerable, structurally correlated with thin skin age. Therefore, to remove lipstick at night you need the same tools, what you clean the skin around the eyes, - milk or cream. This is one of the important means of lip care. Initially, blot lips with a napkin, and then with a cotton swab impregnated with the means to remove the make-up lips.

Excellent food for the lips, especially dry, are vegetable oils: olive, castor, sunflower. The oil can add a few drops of lemon juice and rub the lips. After ten minutes do not soak the remains wet cloth. Good for lips and honey mask.

In any weather and at any time of the year can and should be used for lip care hygiene lipstick. After all, their composition is particularly rich in vitamins, fats, nutrients and antiseptic substances, and even UV filters that do not only protect from frost, but also from the sun.

To lips with age do not lose their shape and beauty, it is useful to perform simple exercises:

1. Pull the lips and blow forward, as if putting out a candle relaxed lips. Repeat 30-40 times.

2. Take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks. Exhale, alternating slow exhalation exhale jerks. 15-20 times.

3. Intensive work lips, loud and loud noises: a - and a - o - y. 10 - 15 repetitions.

Well, the best exercise - smile. Smile and laugh more often!
Author: Olga Travleeva