Diet for Beautiful Skin
 Leather women - is its "face". She is a living organism and a separate "organ" of the body is constantly updated. Judge for yourself if we want to avoid, for example, diseases of the digestive system, we first change your diet and how you can make it more balanced. If we want to strengthen the brain activity, cheer up and to satisfy his hunger by some overseas fruit, we buy solar bananas.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow even in the middle of the 20th century developed a hierarchical pyramid of human needs. First of all, he notes physiological needs, such as hunger and thirst. But the saturation of food - not just the usual satisfaction of hunger. Because of the food consumed we enrich our body with nutrients and trace elements that perform many other functions. No wonder they say - we are what we eat!

But back to the examples. If we want our skin to be beautiful, young, supple, velvety and with a natural blush, we ... we buy creams, lotions, scrubs and creams again. They are tablets for the heart, stomach, brain activity. Of course, we can not abandon the creams and other cosmetics for skin care, but they should be for her complement, rather than a "cure." Especially that no one, even the most expensive cosmetic product, unable to make our skin radiant and healthy. Therefore, if we want our skin was so, we need to check your diet and try to figure out from what it is on the skin or that defects (sagging, acne, dryness, etc.). The fact that a healthy-looking skin - is the result of metabolic processes in the body, when the activity which it did not linger slag and old dead cells.

 Diet for Beautiful Skin
 Nutritionists are not in vain insist that the beauty of the skin daily diet should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. After all, the more we consume, the fresher and brighter complexion. Particularly useful are alkaline food products (avocados, bananas, limes and lemons, almonds and many raw vegetables), because Blood must be slightly alkaline to processes in the body proceeds more actively. If a disturbed acid-base balance in the body, it can lead to dry skin and brittle hair. This will be useful grains and lean meats, and is necessary to eliminate the harmful fats. About 2-3 times a week eat fish. Replace white rice to brown. Vegetable salads dressed with olive oil. Discard the semis and fast food. The important point is to maintain the water balance, which includes eight glasses of plain water a day.

Avoid colored fizzy drinks, too strong coffee, hot spices, confectionery - and you get rid of irritation and the appearance of spider veins on the face. Eliminating fatty and fried, you will make the skin more supple. To prevent small pimples, eat foods high in B vitamins (cod liver, green salads, beets), and zinc (veal and poultry, dairy and seafood). To avoid excessive redness of the skin, limit your consumption of spices and smoked. Vitamin E fights fine lines and inflammatory processes, therefore enrich your diet with nuts, prawns, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin, tomatoes and garlic. Responsibility for maintaining the elasticity of the skin and activation processes for updating can be assigned to apricots, which is rich in iron.

Proportioned - not hungry and do not overeat - half of the plate should be carbohydrates and proteins, the second part - a low-calorie salads (exclude from the diet mayonnaise!).

 Diet for Beautiful Skin
 Try to create a balanced and appropriate for you menu for the week, or find options on the Internet. For example:

Saturday: Breakfast - eggs, boiled meat, bread with cereals and milk tea;
Lunch - vegetable soup, chicken with vegetables, vegetable salad with lemon juice;
Dinner - chicken, wild rice, a glass of tomato juice.

Saturday: Breakfast - cheese, tomatoes, bread with cereals, orange juice;
Lunch - chicken soup, buckwheat porridge and boiled liver;
Dinner - boiled fish, vegetable salad with lots of green lettuce leaves, pomegranate juice.

Wednesday: Breakfast - scrambled eggs with tomatoes and herbs (parsley, dill), 1 apple and green tea with lemon;
Lunch - a meatless soup, brown rice, fish, tomato (vegetable) juice;
Dinner - boiled meat, cheese and fruit salad.

Saturday: Breakfast - cereal, cheese loaves are not very strong coffee with milk;
Lunch - supra-mashed pumpkin, boiled or baked veal, tea;
Supper - stewed vegetables with fish, grapefruit juice.

Saturday: Breakfast - Bread with cereals, milk porridge, a small piece of boiled meat, orange juice;
Lunch - vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and chicken cutlets, tangerines;
Dinner - vegetable stew and grilled meats, green tea with lemon.

Saturday and Sunday - a mix of the products listed above. Do not forget to respect the water balance and snacks between meals (eg, fruits, slightly bitter chocolate).

In addition to proper nutrition, which allows to monitor the condition of the skin, you can always make nutritious, rejuvenating and cleansing mask with natural ingredients, ie, all of the same products that are included in your daily diet.
Author: Alesya_Marchenko