Emergency aid for sunburn
 It is summer and the sun does not spare those who have not yet learned how to sunbathe. And I - not the exception! To be honest, I'm rarely in the sun, and if it happens, I prefer to keep a low profile. But every summer I start with the fact that burning to the state of boiled cancer and then being treated for a long time. And this year was not without adventure.

Arriving with nature, I have decided to ask the advice of new friends and wrote a small note on a favorite site that discovered not so long ago, but has already managed to fall in love. And get a lot of responses, some of whom managed to experience for yourself. Than I hasten to share. Suddenly someone now (as I did then) needed emergency assistance.

First, I was given a few tips belated, but it's also very useful. Once again, I concluded that I just need to buy sunblock. What did: the future is useful. In addition, I remember to myself that I personally need to sunbathe just before 10 am and after 16 pm. The rest of the time I, as a representative of the third photo type (fair skin, blue or gray eyes and brown hair) in the sun doing nothing.

Secondly, I have received advice on how to correct my deplorable situation and alleviate the consequences of thoughtless and long stay is not the sun. So I came home late (at a time when the pharmacy did not work), I had to use only the first council and the fact that I had in the fridge. It was vodka, which I rubbed red burned areas of the body, on the face of the thick layer of cold cream was applied. Having done all this, I was even able to sleep.

 Emergency aid for sunburn
   When morning came, the first thing I went into the shower and washed the body and face all the disgrace inflicted on them yesterday. For this, I use liquid soap with sea buckthorn, which also has a wound-healing properties. Having dried and dressed, I ran to the pharmacy for drugs.

 Emergency aid for sunburn
 I could not recommend me to buy "Panthenol" because it was not on sale, but I guessed Pricing (for the future), and it was about 300 rubles. Consultant at the pharmacy I was offered the domestic counterpart of this means - Spray with Aloe "Pantesol" which, he said, differed only a producer and as a result of cost - the drug was cheaper by about half. I was also attracted by the fact that the spray has been with aloe, which I already knew, also provided a wound-healing properties. Disadvantages are only in that the spray action was night, and still it can not be applied to the face.

 Emergency aid for sunburn
 So I also got a face cream with aloe vera, and, pleased with herself than ever, went home to be treated.

In the evening, the skin smeared all gained, I immediately felt a great relief.

On the third day I started to go "Burned skin" and formed parts of the body were too dry. Then again, I had to go to the pharmacy for body cream with aloe vera to spread their skin lesions. It eliminated a little dry skin and help relieve itching.

Also, I finally stocked sunglasses and means for whitening pigment spots.

Now, I'd like to wait until the end of the experiment, and, having treated the skin completely, to find out the extent of getting a tan. Normally it is not worth the victims laid on the altar of the sun, as the skin, my milky white skin, gets a little cream shade.

I also would like to share oils recipes That can be prepared at home, and that is also very helpful in any burns. At first I wanted to buy them - St. John's wort oil and a little sea buckthorn. But first, as it turned out, it did not happen in the sale, and the second - too expensive. Then I decided that all this can be done most.

First, I called my mother and asked her to dial for me flowers St. John's wort.

 Emergency aid for sunburn

The oil obtained from this plant is anti-Burn, gently caresses the skin and instantly relieves pain immediately after application to the affected skin.

- "Recipe oil from St. John's wort" . We take St. John's wort flowering head, impose in a quart jar to the top (without uminaniya) and fill it with corn or olive oil. After that expose the bank to the sun, and in two weeks means ready. Store the resultant oil in the refrigerator is necessary.

 Emergency aid for sunburn

Also, I agreed with her friend that this year they will type of sea buckthorn in the garden to prepare butter.

 Emergency aid for sunburn

- "Recipe of sea buckthorn oil" . From fruits of sea buckthorn extract juice, the pulp is dried, ground and fill with vegetable, corn or olive oil at the rate of 1, 5 kg of oil per 1 kg of sea buckthorn. Insist at room temperature for three weeks, stirring occasionally. Then, the liquid part of the need to carefully drain. Store sea buckthorn oil in the refrigerator should be.

 Emergency aid for sunburn

In conclusion I would like to note that, despite this sad for me the beginning of summer, and now I'm fully prepared and I can say with firm conviction that the more it will not catch me by surprise!
Author: Stella Allates