Exfoliate for different skin types
 Exfoliate, or removal of dead skin cells - one of the essential rituals of beauty, as well as anti-age care. And if this one does not argue, then comes the next question: how this procedure is individual for each of us? Answer - peeling, like the rest of care must, above all, to match your skin type.

On this depends the effectiveness of the procedure, and that will not exfoliate the skin damage.

Normal skin
The optimal frequency:   2-3 times a week.
Suitable types of exfoliation:   owners of normal skin, you can choose any type of peeling: chemical-based enzymes, scrub with abrasive particles, combined exfoliants.

Oily skin
The optimal frequency: three times a week. Women with oily skin mistakenly believe that exfoliation of the skin every day to help control and reduce the release of fatty secretions. However, it is wrong. And even harmful for the skin. Too often peeling, by contrast, only once again to stimulate the skin sebum. The maximum rate possible for owners of oily skin - three times a week, so that peeling between days was at least one day.
Suitable types of exfoliation:   for oily skin peels can come following:
- A clay mask. Clean your face and neck, put a mask of clay every 10-20 minutes and rinse.
- Salicylic acid. Look purchased scrubs containing salicylic acid for deep cleansing antibacterial.
- Oatmeal. You can buy ready-made or make the most of scrub, a part of which will be oatmeal. This is a very delicate and suitable oily skin product. The easiest recipe: oatmeal plus warm water. Slightly massage the skin and rinse off composition.
- Scrub with polyurethane or silicone beads. Effectively cleans the pores of the skin, however, does not stimulate the secretion of fat, which is very important for oily skin.
- Peeling with enzymes. These can be bought ready-made, can be prepared from the fruit itself. Such exfoliants suitable for oily skin, but you should know a few features: first, the need to check whether you have allergies to these ingredients, and secondly, be sure to thoroughly rinse your face as enzymes, remaining on the skin, continue to operate.

 Exfoliate for different skin types
 Sensitive skin
The optimal frequency: 1 time per week.
Suitable types of exfoliation:   Since sensitive skin gives reaction (redness and pimples) on the majority of ordinary (not special) creams and serums, it should be very careful in choosing the right exfoliant. The main advice - use only natural and delicate ingredients such as rice flour or oatmeal.
- Home scrub oatmeal and rice flour: Mix 1 teaspoon oatmeal and 1 teaspoon of rice flour (you can make them by passing through a coffee grinder oat flakes and rice grains) with a small amount of water. Apply on the skin for 15-20 minutes, no massage, just rinse at the end. Oat flour dries the skin, and rice - removes dead skin cells without irritation.
- Scrub with polyurethane or silicone beads. This is also a good alternative for sensitive skin, as they are very delicate.

Combination skin
The optimal frequency: up to 3 times a week.
Suitable types of exfoliation:   The main effect of the peels for combination skin is not only cleansing, but also that the exfoliation stimulates the production of fat for dry areas of the skin and controls for fat. Studies show that the way most people on the planet have women is combined skin type. Typically, a dry area on the cheeks and around the nose and oily T-zone.
- If you have more dry areas, you can use a strong enough effect on the exfoliant, such as enzymes.
- But the best technique of peeling the following: alternate through time peels to dry skin and oily. For example, scrubs with enzymes or glycolic acid is applied once a week, and a soft scrub with oatmeal - twice a week.
- Another rule when applying the scrub - after the procedure required to moisturize the skin.

 Exfoliate for different skin types
 Skin with acne
The optimal frequency: not more than 3 times per week.
Suitable types of exfoliation:   Avoid scrubs with abrasive particles, they can clog pores, provoking the disease, as well as injure delicate and irritated skin with acne. First, wash your face, apply an exfoliant, rinse it thoroughly, use tonic or composition, closing the pores, and only after that - moisturizer.
- Skin with acne is useful to apply the scrubs containing salicylic acid, because it kills the bacteria that are a major cause of acne.
- Clay masks and compositions with enzymes - as an alternative.
Author: Olga Larsen