Eye Care: How to deal with dark circles and wrinkles
 Eyes - the very first area that shows signs of aging, but can the latest eye cream to help in the battle against dark circles and wrinkles?

Here are tips of our experts.

1) Wear large sunglasses.   Solar rays primarily affect the sensitive skin around the eyes, causing dark circles, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

2) Limit the amount of salt.   Excess salt water retention in the body, thus resulting in edema. "The biggest pests - Chinese food and soy sauce. If patients before reaching thirty years, suffered swelling of the morning, I subscribe to them diuretic."

3) Keep your eye cream in the fridge.   Cream best kept at a temperature below room temperature: when applied cooling effect reduces the tiny capillaries and blood compresses the skin, thus faster reducing morning puffiness.

4) Do not smoke.   This is one of the main factors that cause aging of the skin, especially around the eyes.

5) Use a concealer.   "The use of two different shades of concealer is the only way camouflage dark circles," - says the makeup guru Bobbi Brown (Bobbi Brown). Pink concealer removes the blue and yellow evens tone, adjusting under your skin.

6) Maintain a healthy lifestyle.   Cream - only one component healthy and beautiful eyes. The other part depends on your lifestyle and habits.

7) Take an invigorating shower.   "The stream of water directed at the person for a minute - an excellent analogue of massage; In addition, negative ions water increases blood circulation, "- says Loretta Miraglia (Loretta Miraglia), senior vice president of Crème de la Mer.