Eyebrows: beauty and care
 I guess no matter what fashion does not change so dramatically as to ... eyebrows. If you delve into the history, we can find out what fashion were narrow, long eyebrows; eyebrows grown together on the bridge; eyebrows curved bow; raised to the temples; wide, narrow, and the complete absence of brows ...

Correcting eyebrows ennobles most women's faces. Aligning the lower part of the eyebrows, eyes, we attach expressiveness and visually enlarge them.

It should not be much change the natural brow line. Beautiful think eyebrow, starting at the inner corner of the eye and ending a few millimeters further than the outer corner of the eye.

Experts advise to tweeze eyebrows in the cabin. And if you have to do it at home, then the eyebrow before the procedure should be lubricated with a thin layer of fat cream to make it easier to remove the hairs and not painful.

Before you start plucking eyebrows, experts advise to draw the contours of your white pencil.

 Eyebrows: beauty and care
   Be sure to remove the hair that grows between the eyebrows. And you should not remove hairs growing on top of the eyebrow, or possible expansion of the eyebrows and dropping their lines.

Paint the eyebrows should also be in the cabin, as it is difficult to match the color of your own eyebrows. Color eyebrows should be in harmony with the color of hair and darker than their no more than two colors.

However, it should be remembered that black eyebrows are exceptionally brunettes. The rest are old and give the face a kind of vulgar. With a narrow forehead should be avoided especially dark color areas near the nose eyebrows.

Modern fashionable women are often used for painting eyebrow pencil or ordinary shadows, which are applied with the tip of a brush and allow the well to paint eyebrows. Pencil can be extended to draw eyebrows and hair, eyebrows if rare.

The salons are doing permanent makeup eyebrow, which is held according to the colors and the depth of its location from six months to three years, thus eliminating the need to tint eyebrows weekly or daily. At home, you can touch up brows with henna.

Some problems are rare eyebrows. In this case, the eyebrows should be regularly lubricated with castor oil with a brush for eyelashes on which to drip 1-2 drops of oil, and then gently massage her eyebrows. Eyebrows become thick and shiny. Brush after every use should be washed in warm water with soap.

To eyebrows were beautiful, they need constant care.

It is useful every day to comb his eyebrows brush in the direction of the nose to the temples. Brush dipped in olive oil or sea buckthorn oil.

 Eyebrows: beauty and care
 Chemical dyes degrade the structure of the eyebrows, so eyebrows need different therapeutic and preventive procedures. For example, massage, which is held in the morning and is a pinching, stroking and rotational movements.

Useful packs of oils with the addition of vitamins A and E, which are sold in pharmacies. For example, add 1-2 drops of vitamins to the burdock or peach butter, soak a piece of gauze composition and applied to the eyebrows 10-25 minutes. Treatments are rate - 24-30 packs a day.

Well strengthens eyebrows almond oil. They also impregnated gauze or a cotton swab and applied to the eyebrows for 15-20 minutes.

A roll of the eyebrows People cosmetology recommends figs, which tenderize in milk and apply to the eyebrows for 20-25 minutes.

For better growth and strength of the eyebrows to the linseed oil add 1 drop of essential oil of tea tree and smeared eyebrows every day at night a small amount of the mixture.

Eyebrows useful wet decoction of herbs - cornflower, lime, chamomile, calendula, salvia.

And yet, choosing one or the other form of the eyebrows, we must remember that while we choose to some extent and expression by which people will judge our inner world and belongs to us, respectively.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva