How to care for the skin around the eyes at home
 The skin around the eyes is very thin, delicate and most sensitive, so it is more susceptible to stretching. The main reason for this lies in the anatomical and physiological features of the area and the specific structure of the skin. In general, the skin around the eye is not different from that of the rest of the skin, but it is practically no fat and muscle, therefore it is easily stretched and the first wrinkles often appear around the eyes namely - the portion most susceptible to aging.

Is it possible to somehow take care of the eyelid skin at home?

Of course you can, so extra care will only benefit. The surest way to care for the skin around the eye - is a daily washing with cold water. Wash with cold water or ice cubes drive around the eyes, this will increase blood flow and significantly improve the appearance of the skin, it will remove the need to take drastic measures.

Stimulate blood circulation will also help normal daily massage. It must be done after cleaning the skin - if you have makeup, it is best to wash off. All movements are performed with the serried centuries pads third and fourth toes on the massage lines, repeat three or four times.

Causes of bags and dark circles under the eyes

Bags and dark circles under the eyes greatly upset many women and force them to seriously worry. It should be understood that the causes of the appearance of bags and dark circles under the eyes can be very diverse, ranging from diseases of internal organs, and ending heredity, insufficient amount of sleep, fatigue, or a lack of vitamins. Dark circles under the eyes and bruises are relevant to residents of the metropolis. They are believed to show strong fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of oxygen supply of skin cells, bad habits.

If you are sure you are paying a sufficient amount of sleep time, lead a healthy lifestyle, not under stress, and do not suffer from chronic fatigue, and there were dark circles under the eyes can not pass, we suggest you contact a doctor. Very often, when a disease of the internal organs, the first symptoms are well defined black eyes. Others have symptoms may not appear for some time.

If any health problems you have not observed, but the dark circles under the eyes appear quite often, I think that after all is the reason for this. Maybe:
- A lack of vitamin C;
- Smoking;
- A long sitting at the computer, and the consequence - eye fatigue;
- Lack of sleep;
- Allergic to some products;
- Nerve strain and stress;
- Heredity;
- Age.

Means for care of the skin around the eyes

Treat very carefully to the choice of means for skin care age. The home of cosmetology, there are many tools to help remove dark circles under the eyes, or to make them less noticeable.

Life does not stand still, science is moving forward, and today among cosmetic innovations can be distinguished transdermal patches EXTRAPLAST Beauty (Extraplast Beauty) is a nonwoven substrate on which a special cooling gel containing the active elements (extracts of green tea and ginseng, has anti-edematous action). The puffiness and dark circles also contributes to the cooling effect of a light patch that stimulates blood circulation.

 How to care for the skin around the eyes at home

The main difference between these patches to conventional cosmetics that the nonwoven substrate creates a "greenhouse effect", which protects the active components of the patch from degradation and provide the skin penetration of more than 80%.

Extraplast patches of bags under the eyes can be used for emergency restoration of the skin (for example, if you did not sleep at night), and as a preventive measure as a nourishing mask for the skin around the eyes.