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 Recently I heard a conversation between two men. They discussed "current" Women: spring only, and they - women - already tanned and rested. And 20 years ago, they - men - straight still frightened, "snowdrops in skirts." "Snowdrops in skirts" - this is a woman, wear a mini spring and vengeance, "the light of their pale bluish legs" before the first sunburn.

Perhaps now really pale aristocrat rarely seen on the streets. In winter it is possible to sunbathe in the solarium, and some lucky and New Year can be found on the coast!

  And what if there is no opportunity to relax on the solarium is not enough time, and roast in the hot sun in the country do not want to? It remains to tan!

  You can use the shower gels and body lotion with the effect of sunburn (such funds have Dove and Johnson). Within a few weeks, your skin will get a light tan.

  If an effect is needed quickly, use the tools for self-tanning.

Be prepared for the fact that at home lotion - tanning evenly to the whole body is very difficult.   Do not apply tanning on the day before any meaningful event, or to eliminate "errors" do not spoil the mood, it will be difficult.

  Such tools are applied to clean skin after water treatment. It is desirable for a day to carry out the procedure for applying self-tanning peeling or scraping the body. Pay particular attention to areas of peeling (in these areas can go tan or pale spots of other skin areas), areas with a rough skin (elbows, knees).

  Immediately prior to applying self-tanning is recommended to take a shower, clean the body with a sponge and conventional gel. Cream-gel, body rinses may hinder the absorption of tanning. After the shower should be wiped dry.

  If you have a spray tan, it should be sprayed on the body and carefully spread over the body. Otherwise, you can become a "spotty" depending on where and how the spray was sprayed.

  Apply tanning should be from the fingertips on the feet, climbing higher on the leg. If you decide that your feet - it's too much, you have the chance of going to the leggings of tanning. In the area of ​​the knee tanning apply a little more than the rest of the leg (in a knee skin is more rough).

  In the hands of tanning should be applied from the fingertips up, adding a bit more bronzer on his elbows (again a rough skin).

Be sure to thoroughly apply the self-tanning on exposed skin.

  After applying the tanning wash your hands, avoid contact with clothes, tanning is completely absorbed, and then for 2 hours, try not to wear narrow or constricting clothing.

  After about 2-3 hours of high-quality self-tanning appear and you will see their "work." Those areas that are difficult "to paint" can be treated again.

  Keep in mind, tanning can be applied to the intensity of the "Sun" 2-3 times at intervals of 2-3 hours, but the most self-tanning is evident within 12 hours.

  If you have very light skin, be careful with the application. Firstly, their skin more noticeable spot. Secondly, some tanning give the skin a yellow tinge. Here I do not tan, and yellowness of face. Therefore, choose tanning quality brands and carefully, thoroughly apply the self-tanning.

  In order to avoid "spot" is better to mix in equal parts, and tanning lotion for the body and have the mixture rubbed into the skin.   When applying bronzer on the face should be mixed with his tan face cream. In the age of self-tanning is not recommended. Therefore, whether accurate, do a smooth transition on the face to the eyelids and not worth my skin color is just a few shades.

  If, however, you find uneven staining of the skin and the time to "add" tanning is not, you can "lighten up", take a shower with a body scrub or applied to the whole body yogurt, kefir for a few minutes (lactic acids possess exfoliating and whitening effect) and then thoroughly wash all. No scrub or sour milk? One can use, acidified with citric acid or citric acid, water (citric acid, vit. C also have a bleaching effect). Instead, scrub, you can use coffee grounds.

A few days later your "tan" starts to go and wash off.   In the process of washing quality brands is gradually, gradually within 7-10 days, so that no one will suspect you of "artificial" tanning. If you want to extend the "tan" tanning process to be repeated 1 time in 3-7 days, depending on the quality of tanning.

  If you are prepared with the help of tanning for the beach season (did not want to look "black sheep" on the beach), remember that tanning is not protection from sunlight. Therefore, arriving at the resort, bring your sunscreen with a protection factor corresponding to your skin type! Even if due to tanning, you "caught fire" of many on the beach, begin to use resources with maximum sun protection factor.

  Now a bit of make-up.   Now you - smuglyanochka! It is time to conduct an audit in the beautician, because some breeds funds to be postponed.

  A feature makeup tanning effect is "antimodelirovanie."   If the usual makeup lightens ("simulated") mid-face, and the contours are outlined darker tone, with "antimodelirovanii" Conversely, darker shade stands mid-face (the middle of the forehead, the nose, the tip of the nose, cheekbones under the lower eyelid, the centers of the cheeks and chin ). The tone should be applied to those sites that we sunbathe in the first place.

  For fair skin should choose a foundation or a half-tone darker in tone-to-face after tanning. Then only deals with the effect of powder tan broad brush.

  If your face is prone to redness, tanning hides this defect. If a person is not enough, "tanned", first we put the green base under make-up (to remove redness), then concealer with a beige shade, after the powder in the skin all over the face with a wide brush. Finish the makeup powder with the effect of sunburn by antimodelirovaniya. If the color of your face dim zemlyanisty, will help to remedy the situation under make-up in purple. Top - tone cream with peach or beige tint semitone darker skin color. Top wide brush apply transparent powder. Over the powder with a touch of sunburn by antimodelirovaniya. Peach blush "revive" the face. If your skin is dark tone got to put the tone of the color of skin, to enhance the effect, you can use the powder with shine and vibrant blush.
Author: Valery Profatylo, cosmetologist, director Faberlik