Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 Pregnancy - a wonderful time in every woman's life. Hormones are doing wonders with us, though not always pleasant. We begin to glow from within, as it were. But this is not a reason to relax. Now we have to take care of a much more carefully than before.

It is a mistake to assume that after childbirth will have an opportunity to catch up. It will then be so many things that will be difficult to catch and hard. So take care of yourself now, and then, after the birth you will only need to adjust what you do not have to arrange.

Care for the skin

Hormones like to help us, and stir. During pregnancy, the skin may occur various changes and not very pleasant. But there are some general guidelines for care.

Let's start with cleansing. It is important. Someone during pregnancy problem skin heals, someone starts irritation, inflammation, dryness, etc. appears Come to the aid cleansing mask. Do they have to be two times a month to keep the skin under control. Now it is necessary to choose the mask carefully. You will approach those in the composition of which does not include acid and aggressive substances. It is best to choose products designed for sensitive skin or a series for expectant mothers.

To exfoliate the skin, use a sponge or a brush with soft bristles. This - the best option for the future mothers. After this, use moisturizer. Best of all, if it is not too bold. So you will not overload the skin. And be sure your cream should contain sunscreen ingredients.

 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 If you feel dry skin, or she looks tired, then mask with moisturizing ingredients, vitamins and minerals perfectly restore your appearance.

To deal with stress, stress, inflammation, use a mask based on green tea.

And no chemical peels and other procedures, which include the effects on the skin currents and chemicals!

 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 Do not be afraid to apply makeup. Emphasize your beauty! You can do the usual make-up, but, if possible, better obzavedites mineral makeup products. They clog the pores smaller. And do not forget blush! If your skin palely, then use the powder with the effect of sunburn.

In addition, drink clean water. But do not overdo it, or swelling may occur. During pregnancy, all around better know when to stop.

Most women fear the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Regarding this phenomenon, there are many opinions. Someone advised to lubricate the stomach baby cream, almond oil or cocoa butter to the skin became more elastic. Others say that everything depends on genes.

 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 Do not forget a warm relaxing bath. It is better to abandon the foams and oils. Simple - clean warm water. You can add a few drops of lavender oil. It has a nice relaxing properties. The water in any case should not be hot, or may open bleeding.


 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 Proper nutrition - the key to your well-being and harmonious development of the child. It is important to combine the two concepts: the use and weight. You can not go hungry and overeat during pregnancy. Underweight, as well as its excess is dangerous to your position. So buy the balance and control weight.

 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 On the Internet, there are programs for calculating weight gain, to make it easier to keep track of typed kgs. You can not neglect the unloading days. But not in the full sense of the word. I, at one time the doctor advised "unloaded" on cottage cheese, apples, yogurt, cooked vegetables and cooked meat. Just a little bit - and apparently ate.

Do not neglect vitamin complexes. On average, you need to consume 1000 mg of calcium per day, 27-30 mg of iron, and folic acid. Drink milk, fresh juices, tea, eat fruits and vegetables, cheese, nuts and fish. In general, try to eat varied and nutritious.

 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase
 As for sports, if there are no contraindications, you can easily exercise at a moderate pace. Pregnant women are best suited: yoga, swimming, walking. Sport activities contribute to the development of hormones of joy and happy mom - happy baby. Exercise outdoors saturate your blood with oxygen, which is very good for your baby and you.

In any case you should consult your doctor and listen to yourself.


Women tend to desire to be beautiful. And do not put on a cross during pregnancy. To be beautiful and sexy and you can even have your interesting position.

Someone like Heidi Klum, refuses to wear special clothing for pregnant women, someone happy to buy it anyway - you decide. Here are a few things that you will definitely come in handy.

Of course, lingerie. Do not think that your bra is right for you in this state. Your breasts change, it is no longer possible to squeeze and lift, but only gently support. And know this: do not spoil the pregnancy breasts and bad clothes. All that you will wear close to the body, must be made of natural fabrics.

Think about buying a bandage. It is believed that he is a good prevention of stretch marks.

Normally, pregnancy accounts for 3 seasons change. You are lucky if the first 3 months of the abdomen will not be seen, then - minus the season, which means less worry-free about clothes. And with the choice of clothing is necessary to consider the temperature conditions. You can not be supercool or perenagrevatsya.

Previously not recommended to buy clothes once for the whole period. But now most of the models are able to change its volume due to the straps stretched elastic bands etc.

By the way, be sure to wear shapeless clothes. Tight things look cool with a rounded belly (she did not believe, but it turned out the way it is).

 Pregnancy and beauty: to preserve and increase

Shoes without heels should be worn, not to give your veins additional load. Sooner or later it becomes hard to walk in high heels.

The most practical clothes are dresses, tunics, pants, tops, shirts and sweaters are always drawn, so you might not even have to buy something new.

During pregnancy, we women blooms. Therefore emphasize their beauty and pride of his position. Be beautiful and sexy.
Author: Vera Karabutova