Protecting the hair in the winter
 Dry and cold weather can cause great damage to your hair. Lowering the temperature of central heating and leads to their fragility, hair becomes dry and lacking in luster. Effective prevention measures are needed during this season in order to protect hair and maintain their health.

Put on a hat

In winter, wear a hat is not only to keep the head warm, but also to protect your hair from the effects of cold temperatures. Replace woolen hat headdress made of cashmere, wool because it robs your hair of moisture they need, leaving them dry and prone to static (electrification).

Also, the structure of the wool is too stiff hair, while cashmere leaves curls smooth and silky.

Replace permanent moisturizer

As well as the skin, hair needs care and moisturizing. So pay attention to the choice of shampoo and conditioner. Use hydrating hair spray, which will help them regain lost moisture. Remember that moisture deficit leads to static and curls that spoil your packing. If you have to choose the right means, the hair will be soft, silky and shiny.

Try a cold shower

Rinse tresses best in cold water, it will keep its natural sheen. This is particularly important for dry colored hair.

Make sure the hair is dry

It is not recommended to go cold wet hair, this leads to breakage. If you do not dry them in a natural way, use a hairdryer. Thus, you reduce the risk of colds and save the health of your hair.