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 Properly wash your hair - is a science. And yet - a pledge of beauty and health of your hair. To continue to amaze those around luxurious curls, take into service professional advice. Specialists Paul Mitchell share their secrets.

Clean and often

The frequency of shampooing - something purely individual. It depends on the type of the scalp, climate, way of life and simply your habits. Living in metropolises, where the air is more polluted, often have to wash my hair. The same applies to the lovers of abundant styling.

It argued that require cleansing dry hair almost once every 10 days, and fat - almost daily. Experts tend to disagree, especially because the very combination of "greasy hair" is not entirely correct. Oily can be only   the scalp, which is caused by the degree of activity of the sebaceous glands. Sami hair length - either normal or dry.

Generally, in this matter guided by professionals recommend their own feelings. As soon you feel the locks need to be cleansed, and reach for the shampoo from the shelf. On girlfriends navigate certainly not necessary. And further. After a swim (in the pool, river, sea) should always wash your hair. Remains of chlorine or sea salt are harmful for hair.

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 Severe scolding
 Another important factor for the hair - the water temperature, which they washed. The fact that the hot water cleans better - another myth. High temperatures only enhance the activity of the sebaceous glands, and therefore, lead to rapid contamination roots. It is best to wash your hair with water at room temperature, pleasant to the skin. However, if desired, can periodically organize hair douche. Such a procedure is well stimulates blood circulation, improves the metabolism in the scalp, and potentially stimulate the growth of new hair. Starting consult with small temperature fluctuations - the habit so you can catch a cold.

Pay attention to the quality of the water. Chlorinated tap not too useful for hair (and skin), so far as possible, set the house filters. The alternative - to use clean drinking or mineral water (although it is the most expensive option). In the extreme case suitable boiled.

All the polls

Correctly pick up shampoo, in fact, is not easy. This is best done with a specialist in a beauty salon. It is desirable to acquire and cosmetics. Professional, presented in salons, a much more effective in hair care - they contain a high concentration of active ingredients, take into account the individual characteristics of the hair, not only clean, but also to solve some specific problems. And not to get lost in the available Diversity useful to learn a few rules:
  • Moisturizing   shampoos designed for dry, porous hair (by nature or become such as a result of external influences). They are also recommended for use during the warmer months to neutralize UV ​​radiation. Such funds usually contain seaweed, amino acid, avapui extracts, aloe vera. If you wash your hair every day, choose foods with a neutral ph (from 5.0 to 6.0).

  • shampoo for intensive cleansing   - This is just what is suitable for oily scalp. Excellent proven tools with lemon extract. Well, if in addition to a part of the product consists of natural oils, amino acids and other moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients (necessary for the ends). But do not confuse these shampoos shampoo for deep cleansing . The latter have a high alkaline ph (8.5 - 9.1) and are used once every 3-4 weeks, regardless of the type of hair.

  • bulking shampoos   - A real find for owners of fine hair. The best - those containing panthenol, a molecule that penetrates the hair structure and fill it from the inside. Total volume shag this manner can be increased by 10%. And panthenol perfectly restores and moisturizes.

  • for colored hair   experts recommend to choose a special agent with the appropriate mark. These shampoos kill two birds: firstly, rehabilitate hair after a chemical attack, and secondly, extend the life of your gorgeous flowers. The desired effect is achieved, thanks to the natural extracts (eg, sunflower), jojoba oil, and other components. And, of course, a good shampoo for colored hair should contain UV-filters.

  • and here smoothing shampoo   designed specifically for those with curly hair and pushatsya from nature. Their main task - to tame unruly tresses, increase their flexibility and give silkiness. Such funds can be alternated with moisturizing and regenerating products, depending on the needs of the hair. And, of course, for the full results should be complemented with appropriate care conditioners, masks and serums.

Author: Irina Tiglina