Silence from Rowenta - my new epilator
 I belong to the kind of women who need to look good always, no matter how someone sees your feet in the winter or not. Besides her husband promised to take me to the New Year somewhere where it's warm, so I'm not a swimsuit tidy. That's why, becoming the owner of a new epilator Silence from Rowenta, I did not set it on the top shelf of the closet and began to scrutinize the first night.

Long gone are the days when hair removal ladies brought a lot of suffering, instruments and tools for hair removal now a huge choice, and they are designed to facilitate the fate of the well-groomed woman.

Effectively - not to hurt, it's long been a fact, but still under the old methods of hair removal habitual to me, no, no, yes and remember roommate in a student hostel, which scared the entire corridor with their moans: that she did epilation. Thank God, I bear this process much easier, and equipment to care for themselves choose very carefully.

 Silence from Rowenta - my new epilator
   Frankly, epilator Silence from Rowenta attracted me with its design: a beautiful love. As is the case with women - look at the picture, admire, and did not notice how to read the description. "We must take" - I decided, and here he is in front of me. The same design, the first thing that catches the eye. Beautiful flowing lines, gold and white, if he fell out of my purse in a public place, I would not be ashamed. Convenient: I sat in the arm as if all my life I use it. Immediately noted long cord, that, you know, important. In his apartment outlet we can do at every turn, and another thing - somewhere in a hotel or a holiday home, and who knows where else will have to take it with you (and me already and wanted to go somewhere). Silver cosmetic and comfortable, which this beauty with the accessories can be easily packed even in a small bag.

I've tested it immediately (could not resist). It glides over the skin very smoothly, even without special tools. I just remember how many additional procedures entail shave or wax, and now - please, dry skin, hair is not, it does not hurt one bit, my kitten painful scratched. I looked into a box - exactly here it is, nozzle bikini. I test the necessary tests on the leg give reason to think that this device sparing refers to any skin. I like him more and more.

 Silence from Rowenta - my new epilator

The inscription «silent» on the box at first did not attract my attention, and then, when I saw my cat plays with a cable of this appliance, I realized that he was not afraid! And usually, in fact, hiding from all the buzz. Silence from Rowenta is not working louder than vibrating cell phone without a sound! This bold confident point on my list enthusiasm for purchase. I am pleased with the girls. Shavers 21st century should be: light, beautiful, quiet and gentle. These, wanted to wear a short dress, even for the sake of this we need to go in warmer climes.
Author: Lucy Soprano