Sleeping Beauty
 That would fall asleep and wake up totally renovated, beautiful, well-groomed and young! You know, it's quite possible. Just follow a few simple rules during sleep.

So, we have as much as 8 hours a day to be beautiful!

1. Sleep - time to recover.   When we sleep, our skin regenerates from all troubles and injuries suffered during the day. The body starts to produce melatonin, as soon as we plunge into a deep sleep. This substance helps the skin recover and deal with damage resulting during the day. If you receive less this substance, your skin will not be able to properly recover.

 Sleeping Beauty
   So, if you suffer from insomnia or occasional sleep looking a night cream or serum containing melatonin. For example, cream Origins Night Health Bedtime Cream, he, like some other night funds from well-known manufacturers, contain this substance.

2. No tails and tight braids!   If your hair is very long and interfere, just braid light-light braid, and no gum, and even ribbons! Any hair clips or rubber bands can damage the fine hair in a dream. The same goes for the night in curlers. Today, it is absolutely unnecessary attribute of beauty. If you need a strong wave - in the morning, use heated rollers, forceps tweak everything, and good facilities for packing, which are not only fixed, but also cherish the hair.

 Sleeping Beauty

3. No salinities bedtime!   A glass of kefir - that's all you can eat before going to bed (or rather, drink). If you are a lover of savory snacks: crackers or slices of salty cheese, it can play a bad joke with you during sleep. The fact that salt retains fluid in the body, and it (and not an abundance of liquid) - the main cause swelling and bags under the eyes. So, no salt on the dinner and especially before bedtime.

4. Anti-age while you sleep!   Yes, imagine, recent studies have shown that people who suffer from insomnia, are aging faster than those who have a healthy and full eight-hour sleep. And for best results, rejuvenation, deep sleep phase should fall to a mark 2.30 in the morning, but the rise - at 8am. Not later than. Thus, in 24-00 we have need to sleep, and then go to bed, preferably even earlier. Clearly, workaholics?

5. Large cushion - harm.   Especially for our beauty. No matter how nice it is - to sleep surrounded by soft pillows, it is better not to get used to. The pillow should be flat, not hard, just lift the head (not the shoulders!). Absolutely without a pillow, too, can not do, the fact is that a small elevation of the head makes the process of detoxification of the skin and reduces swelling during sleep.

6. Get enough sleep - the key to a good complexion and a healthy blush. Experts say that if you sleep well, you will not have to further illuminate the skin blush. Waking up on time (a phase of awakening), the skin remains long healthy and glowing. This is a dream of her charges. Lack of sleep leads to a sluggish complexion, as well as too long sleep is not the best way affects the skin.

 Sleeping Beauty

Here are some tips to secure the beauty sleep:

- The bed should be spacious enough, the mattress - hard, linen - clean, made of natural fabrics.

- Lack of shade sometimes prevents sleep, consider this.

- Use the bed only for sleep, especially not recommended to work on the bed, sitting with a laptop, watch TV. It turns out, the bed must also be an aura, and it should only carry the dream and relax and not be reminded of the work and concerns.

- If sometimes sleeps during the day, it is better not to do this in the "night" bed. Lie down in a different place, and at night you will find a very different ritual to calm linens!

- Customizable sleep. Let the relaxing mood will be a prelude to sleep. It is useful to at least an hour before bedtime to calm down, do not watch TV, take a bath or shower, tie or read at bedtime.

- Sport Fitness - is, of course, great, but not before going to bed! Your workout should be completed at least 3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the body will continue to "run" when you already have to go to sleep.

- Try to go to bed at the same time, it will provide over time a great and healthy sleep at any age!

- If you have tried all the tips, and go to sleep is still difficult for you, contact your doctor, maybe you will need medication to establish sleep.
Author: Olga Larsen